CO-ED Groups

Life is complicated. Whether married, divorced, parent, or single, a co-ed group is an environment where you can grow in your faith while receiving and offer support to others. It takes time to build relationships and can be done through regularly showing up to a small group. Check out either a short term or an on-going group. Looking for something different, click on the interest form.

Sunday evening - Letters to the church

Sunday afternoons at 5:00 pm, leader’s home. We are starting a weekly group this fall. We plan to incorporate some elements of worship, scripture reading and book discussion into the group. The book, Letters to the Church by Francis Chan, has been inspiring for us in rediscovering the power and beauty of people God has called the church. Kids are invited to be a part of group time before we launch into the discussion. For more info, contact Jenni at 816-699-5541 or


1-2 Sundays a month, 5:30 pm. We’re a group who has met for years and would love to have new couples join our group. We often talk about we heard from the sermon we heard that morning or go through a study together. If you want to check out our group on a Sunday, we’d love to have you visit. Questions about our group or to find out when we are meeting next, contact Darrell and Carrie at

sunday evening group - Belton/Raymore

Two Sundays a month, 6:00 pm. Our group meets in one of our homes. We live in just outside of Belton. We are men and women committed to becoming more like Christ and walking in His love. Check us out to see if our group would be a fit for you. To learn more about our group, contact Phil at

Tuesday evening - Crazy Love

Tuesdays, 6:30 pm, leader’s home. We are reading through the book by Francis Chan called, Crazy Love. If you want more of Jesus and believe that we’ve settled for something less as American Christians, join us. We want to pursue the God who profoundly loves and pursues us. For more info, contact Patrick at or 816-251-3402.

Wednesday Evening - James Bible Study

Wednesdays, 7:00 pm, LSCC. This is a new group. We will be going through the book of James. We’ll watch a short video through Right Now Media and just dig into Scripture. Whether you’ve read James before or not, join us. We will have great discussions about how we can personally apply the Bible to our lives. Even if you’re not sure this group is for you, just check it out for a week. For more info, contact Aurora at

Thursday Evening - Lead Like Jesus

Thursday evening, 6:30-8:00 pm, LSCC. This study is open to any men or women of any age. Our group is for the person who wants to grow in their faith in Christ, who wants to be challenged and stretched, to discover more of Him and to increase their abilities to influence people (their children, family, classmates, co-workers, your social circle) for good and God’s glory. This course will help people grow in their faith through the lens of influence and leadership through this Ken Blanchard book. For more info, text or call Pete Corpeny (816) 853-6922 or Karissa Corpeny (706) 599-5570.

Thursday Evening - Couples Group

Thursday evening, 6:45 pm, group member’s home. We will choose a study to discuss this fall, but we gather together to encourage one another in our faith. That may mean that we spend a night in prayer or have a time of worship. We seek to understand and respond to the Holy Spirit. We are open to couples of any age, and it just happens to be that we have several in our group who have blended families. If you’re interested in learning more about our group, contact Alan at

New MidWeek Group

Wednesdays or Thursdays, 6:30pm, members’ homes. We are launching a new group for couples who are newer at LSCC and haven’t connected yet, or have been around a while and aren’t currently in a group. We will work through different materials, depending on the needs we all share. The strengths of this group will be a high value of support (walking through the ups and downs of life together) with the priority of spiritual formation ("What is the Lord saying/doing here?"), while we build community through spending time together, sharing meals, and social times outside regular meetings. Come and check out if this group is right for you? For more info, contact Dave & Heather Murray at

thursday evening group

Every other Thursday, 7:00 pm, group member's home. We have been a long-time small group and we believe it’s important that we all have a place to belong. Many of our group members are in our 50s & 60s, but all are welcome. If you are looking for a place to meet others and study God’s Word, we’d love to have you join us. To try out our group for a night, contact Mike at

Thursdays - 20s Couples Group

Every other Thursday, 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm. In starting a new group this fall, we know of a few couples but would love to add more. We will determine our study at our first meeting. Whether entering career, marriage, or parenting, we want to be intentional to grow in our faith during this season of our lives. We’re open for people to join in at anytime. To learn more about our group, feel free to contact us, Brady & Kait, at

Singles (18-24 yrs)

For those 18 -24+ yrs old, we are gathering together periodically to hang out, get to know one another and do a study that is relevant to our faith in this stage of our lives. We hope to decide on a 8-10 week study this fall in the next couple of weeks. For info about our next gathering, contact Kevin

Horizons - (Those in their 20s & 30s)

Sundays, monthly. Our horizons are wide open whether that is career, dreams or relationships. Our group gathers on a monthly basis to connect and build community. If you’re interested in meeting others and desire to grow in your faith, call, text or email Matt at 816-223-8998

Evergreens (Seniors 65+)

3rd Monday of the month, 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm. LSCC Café. Get to know some others in the church, enjoy a meal together and hear a speaker to encourage you in your faith. If you have questions, contact Jack at