Week of October 1

God In You

What Does It Matter?

Day 1:  American culture today values self-sufficiency. We are capable, comfortable, competent and ‘content’. On Sunday, Cory asked the question do I need the Holy Spirit? So do you? Or think about it this way; what can we do without the Spirit? We can attain all sorts of accomplishments through our education, experience, or talents, but without the Spirit we cannot: pray effectively, hear from God clearly, properly understand Scripture and what God desires to say to us through it, worship Him, identify and work through sin or addiction, pursue His desires, be transformed, etc. Take time to get alone with God and ask the questions to yourself: Do I need the Holy Spirit? When do I choose to live without the Holy Spirit?  What areas of my life do I go it alone?   

Day 2: Cory spoke about the disciples being filled with the Spirit. But they weren’t always. Immediately after Jesus’ death, they were filled with fear and went into hiding. See Luke 24:49. Jesus, about to go up to heaven, tells the disciples to wait. They wait remembering Jesus’ torture and death. They remember running, hiding and denying Jesus. The disciples are confused and don’t have direction. They are full of fear and failure. Can you relate to fear and failure? How many of us are motivated by one of those two emotions? These run deep and can drive much of our daily behavior. Where do you see evidence of fear and failure in your life today? When we live without the Spirit and do it on our own, we respond out of fear and failure. Yet Jesus meets us there. God sent the Spirit to equip us, strengthen and empower us to go forward boldly. Think back to yesterday where you identified your need for the Holy Spirit. Are any of the DYI areas coming from a place of fear or previous failure? The Spirit is GREATER than my fear and failure. Write this down in a prominent place to remind you throughout your day.  

Day 3: The Spirit of God is greater than our needs and failures. He is advocating for us. He is not condemning and accusing, but giving us the power and strength to become like Jesus! To live being guided by the Spirit opposes our self-sufficiency. In order to be more like Jesus, we cannot do it without the Spirit. We cannot achieve this on our own. The Spirit walks with us and strengthens us. He helps us to become like Jesus. What practical step is the Holy Spirit prompting you to do? Eliminate a habit? Is there something you need to start doing? Is it taking time to read the Bible in a way to invite the Spirit to guide you? Is it not just praying, but listening? Do you have a nagging thought to join a small group and journey with other pursuing this kind of life? Do you feel a nudge to take action in some way?  

Day 4: There are two primary biblical principles for discovering the Spirit-filled life: hunger and surrender. Have you ever been hungry for food? I mean REALLY hungry to the point that you are weak and can’t think of anything else? Now consider a hunger for God? Do you have a hunger to hear from Him and to know Him? In Luke 11:11-13 God responds to our hunger through the Holy Spirit when He gives us good things and a greater understanding of Himself. What would real hunger for God look like in your life? How about surrender? Would you say that you are living surrendered to God? Write down an honest prayer of hunger and surrender towards God. 

Day 5: Live bold and inspired! It’s not about getting more of the Spirit, but of allowing the Spirit to control more of our lives. How does that settle on you? Are you afraid of the implications of change and control of your life? Or are you filled and emboldened – feeling confident to live like Jesus? Remember the disciples? After receiving the Spirit, they were no longer timid and confused. They were now bold and inspired. They were never the same. WHAT MADE THE DIFFERENCE? It was the reality that God now made His presence within them. They had the Holy Spirit. And if you follow Jesus, He is in you! Do you want to live just as Jesus did? Do you want to be a person who is becoming like Jesus, a person who thinks and acts in good and kind ways? Pray that today you will live boldly and keeping in step with the Holy Spirit.  

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