Week of October 29

Broken People, Faithful God

Life Lessons

Day 1: Broken People – Faithful God: Over and over through the book of Judges we see a people who knew God and committed themselves to a relationship with Him yet time after time fell away. And just like the Israelites, we often have the same cycle of brokenness. We can make small compromises and rationalize our attitudes. We minimize and justify our behaviors. We ALL have tendencies to veer away from our heartfelt commitment to our loving God. What does this look like in your life? Consider the past. What are common attitudes, behaviors, and actions that have caused you to turn away from God? Write these reflections in a journal as they can be a gift and a future warning to you. Thank God that He has shown you sin and brokenness. He loves you.   


Day 2: Willful sin: Judges 6:1-10. We are reminded from last week’s message on ‘Repeated Rescue” and our propensity to fall away from the commands of and relationship with God. It can feel like a no-win situation, a hopeless battle. Yet read Philippians 2:13. We can have hope today. With the Spirit advocating for us, He gives us a desire for obedience. Remember, the Spirit of God is GREATER than our places of need (failure). God’s discipline is not condemning and accusing, but it gives us the power and strength to get back up and turn back to the Father. Look up and read “When God Ran” – Benny Hester. Remember your list from yesterday. Rest in God’s forgiveness and love today.  


Day 3: Becoming. Judges 6:11-12. When an angel encounters Gideon in a winepress, he is living out a ‘small’ story. Yet notice how he addresses Gideon, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” The angel sees him not as he is, but as he WILL BECOME. And Gideon becomes that, a mighty warrior! Not in his own strength, but in the strength God provides. Was there a coach, teacher, parent, or relative who spoke into you who told you of special ability or character qualities they saw in you long before you saw it in yourself? Do you think those words impacted your future? Notice again the angel’s words. “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” God is present with Gideon and with us. He does not leave us alone. He speaks encouragement and belief in us. So if He is with us and speaking into what we are becoming, is He calling you into something? Is it a job change, the next game, an upcoming performance, or a new volunteer position? Or is He leading you to a conversation, a new habit or to finally seek some significant help? “For I can do everything God asks me to with the help of Christ who gives me the strength and power.” Philippians 4:13 (TLB) 


Day 4: Answering. Judges 6:13-14 Gideon had questions. Did you catch the angel’s answer? He didn’t directly answer Gideon’s questions. We too have questions, and at times, God does not appear to answer. But God does not ignore His children and He does not ignore you. He sees you. He hears you. He loves you. Will you trust his counsel, His heart, and His loving direction? Maybe He has answered but it isn’t the answer you were looking for. God really does want good things for you. But can you allow God to define what is good for you and trust that it is the good that you need? Read Jeremiah 29:11 again in a different version that you typically read. Pray with faith that He is for you even in the midst of uncertainties in your life.  


Day 5: Stop living small. Live bold and inspired! “It’s not about getting more of the Spirit, but of allowing the Spirit to possess and to control more of our lives.” When God calls us into a bigger story, it’s not based on our own abilities, but it’s about who He sees in us and what He’s calling us into. Like Gideon, God sees us in our fears, pain and failure, yet He loves us and calls us to be a part of a greater story. He is inviting us to the transformation work of becoming like Jesus. What situation, habit or attitude in your life are you willing to allow God to discipline and help you? In what ways can you trust God this week (next decisions or steps) that would lead you into the greater story God is calling you into? Set aside an hour or a morning and have a conversation with God.  

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