Week of December 3

And He Shall Be Called...

Mighty God

Day 1: And He Shall Be Called… Read Isaiah 9:6A prophecy from hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus, our Christ. A predictor coming from the prophet Isaiah during hard times. And what he said comes in the face of what Israel was experiencing at the time. They were seeking security by their own means looking for a mighty warrior to come in and save the day. Isaiah was telling them that the Mighty God was coming – a Prince of Peace. God would show up in such a way only to be described as mighty. Yet, Israel didn’t recognize Jesus when He did appear. They were trusting with their own ways for security and in their own view of how God was going to provide security. How have you been trusting in your own ways? What are you depending on to be “mighty” in your life? Does the burden rest on you or do you see God working in and around you? 


Day 2: Unto US. “For unto US a child is born…” Who is the “us” Isaiah is speaking of? Is it just Israel? Who else could it be? In this context, it is not just those following after God, but the WHOLE WORLD. This isn’t a selective group that God picked. God shares this message (describing the characteristics of Jesus) to everyone, whether they know or acknowledge Him or not. All have access to Him. And He shall or will be called as Isaiah says. This is a command not an option. If He is real in my life, how do I make Him real in my conversations? Who in your life do you avoid including God in your conversation? Reflect on this question. How do you see God as mighty? Consider asking this question a few times today. Maybe it is asking the person you normally write off or avoid talking about your faith. Avoid a debate. Be quick to listen and slow to speak. Their answer may give insight on how you can pray for them.  


Day 3: Mighty God in the form of a little baby. A child. And it is THIS child that is called The Mighty God! What an absurdity that God would choose a baby. All the power and might of the Almighty God contained in the person of the baby born in a barn. God chooses the low to bring might, power and wisdom in the world. A baby. A laborer’s son. A servant. Throughout His life, Jesus expresses humility, meekness and love. Then powerfully and mightily, He defeats death as He becomes the sacrifice for us allRead Isaiah 9:1-7. Consider those walking in the darkness seeing a great light. Consider the child and that the government will rest on his shoulders. 


Day 4: The Need of a Mighty God. In the time of Isaiah, the country was in trouble. The people were in need. Just as we are in need of a Mighty God. But are we aware of it? It seems to be that we (in these days) tend to make our own ways and create the god we THINK we need, rather than knowing God for the God He is. We know God, our Mighty God, through in Scripture and experiencing it in our life. Read Psalms 93 and 95:1-7It has been once said, if someone fails to appreciate the sculpture of Michelangelo or the music of Mozart, this is more a judgment about him than about the work of art. Spend some time in prayer or listen to a song while recognizing the awe and might of God.  


Day 5: Who Do You Declare Him to Be? At the time of Jesus’ birth, He was in a lowly position. But in Isaiah, He shall be called “Mighty God”. And one day, every knee shall bow before Him and confess that Jesus is Mighty God – King of Kings! People across the world argue who Jesus truly is. But the truth remains of what He SHALL be called. Period. So think of the audacity of us to come up with our own ideas of who Jesus is outside of His true identity! The question is, are you convinced, without a doubt that Jesus truly is Almighty God? It’s a powerful question – with eternal implications. And if you do believe that Jesus is King – do you live as if you HAVE a King? Do you submit your life to your King? Is this submission observable through your behavior? Your choices? Your attitudes? Your private life? Are you extending mercy and forgiveness? Showing patience? Are you extending kindness, love and actually BECOMING a more loving person? It seems an impossible task, yet while staying in step with the Spirit, He will help us to know and follow our King.