Week of May 8

Encountering Jesus

Come and See

Day 1: Read John 1:35-39. When Jesus calls his first disciples, He simply invites them to “come and see”. They went with Him and simply stayed the rest of the day.  John doesn’t expand on what may have happened while they were with Him, but we can know that this encounter with Jesus was enough to convince them that He was the long-awaited Messiah. Jesus has also invited us to “come and see,” but how do we really encounter Him? One way is to simply practice the presence of God, recognizing that He is with us and we can always breathe a prayer, give thanks or even ask a question. Write down 10-15 simple ways or occasions that you can, or already do, recognize His presence. Take time today to be in His presence – while driving, working, exercising or even while you wait. Slow down enough to listen. You may find that you encounter Jesus in a most unexpected way.


Day 2: Read John 1:43. Jesus said “Come, follow Me,” and Philip followed. Some of these new disciples of Jesus had heard the proclamation from John the Baptist that the Messiah was coming. They were awaiting the opportunity to meet Him face to face. They were ready to follow. So are you waiting for Jesus today? Are you ready to follow? As you continue the practice of His presence, prepare yourself to follow Him where He leads you. As you do, there may be an occasion when He simply says. “Just come. Then you’ll see.” Surrender the entire events of the day over to God. Take a few minutes now to pray that God would prepare you to follow and then simply listen.


Day 3: Read John 1:40-42 & 45-46 Andrew was so convinced that Jesus was the Messiah that he brought his brother Peter to Him. Philip, too, was convinced and invited Nathanael to join in this following. Echoing Jesus words, Philip says to the skeptical Nathanael, “Come and see for yourself.” These first disciples were eager to invite others to encounter Jesus for themselves.  Who have you invited to see Jesus in the past? Is there someone in your life now who may need an invitation? Or perhaps, someone could use some encouragement to pursue Jesus today? Has God been prodding you to meet a practical need of someone in your life? Take some time to pray for them. Ask God if there is some way you can show love to them today. If no one specifically comes to mind, ask God to put someone in your path and be ready when the Holy Spirit nudges you.


Day 4: Read John 1:47-49 Remember, Nathanael was a skeptic who needed more evidence to believe that Jesus was the Messiah. Jesus gave him the evidence needed by telling him about himself. He knew Nathanael before the encounter even began. Jesus knows us just the same because He has always been (John 1:1-2). Since He knows us so intimately, we can experience deep meaning in relationship. Think about when and where you are most able to connect with God? Do you have a place where it seems easier to hear from God? At home, a coffee shop, or a walking trail? Seek out that place and meet Jesus there. Read some scripture or consider the past couple of days of practicing His presence. He is excited to meet with you.


Day 5: The vision of LSCC is for all of us to take steps to know and become like Jesus. What practical steps have you taken this week? What is your next step? Is it to continue practicing the presence of God day-by-day? A great opportunity to grow in your relationship with Jesus is through small groups. How are you encountering Jesus through your small group? Reflect on that. If you are not in a small group, consider the 8 week class on the book of John on Wednesday nights. Or we are set to launch Followers Made men’s and women’s groups soon. To find out more, see the announcements from Sunday’s program, on our LSCC app under ‘calendar’ or online at www.lscckc.org/events.

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