Week of June 4

Encountering Jesus

Open Your Eyes (II)

Day 1: Last week, we considered the “other” people in our life, people we may have ignored or written off. Yet, as we follow Jesus, we discover that He didn’t write us off, and He doesn’t write off others. Consider how you approach people. Are there people, maybe groups of people that you have given yourself permission to ignore, judge, even vilify or not see? What does that reveal about the condition of your heart? Read John 4:6-7. Jesus started the conversation, with an outsider, a Samaritan woman, one of “those” people in his religion and culture. Is there something you need to see in this interaction? A step you could take today or this week that could help form your heart to become more like Jesus? Ask God to show you your heart, to continue to change you to be more like Jesus.   

Day 2: In John 4, Jesus took the opportunity he had to speak to someone very different from Him. Jesus didn’t label her so He could dismiss her, he started a conversation and offered compassion, kindness, respect and love. As followers of Jesus, we are not only people who have been shown great forgiveness, mercy, kindness, love… we have the opportunity to become people who are forgiving, merciful, kind, and loving! People who are becoming more like Jesus! As you walk through the day, notice your internal comments about others and how those comments shape your behavior. Those messages are not only shaping your behavior, they are shaping your heart as well. Pray; Father help me to follow and become more formed into the image of your Son.   

Day 3: Reread I Cor. 13 from last week’s devotion. Would your day be different if you spent it responding to others with kindness, gentleness, patience? Wouldn’t that change you? In John 4, Jesus wasn’t in a hurry to grab a quick drink and get on his way. He didn’t walk past the Samaritan woman. Jesus didn’t let the pace of life or the fatigue of His trip to blind Him to those around Him. Like Jesus urged His disciples in John 4:35, ask God to wake you up and help you to look around. As you go about your day at work, home or around town, pace yourself, notice others. God may have a seed for you to plant, a person to love and show truth to.

Day 4: Yesterday, we were reminded that the harvest is ripe. From the example of Jesus talking to the Samaritan woman, we can see that many of the people we are prone to label or dismiss are actually people God loves and are a part of our mission field. In John 4:13-14, Jesus went from talking about ordinary water to living water. At some point in time – maybe this week, you may have the opportunity to share God’s story with another person. One of the most powerful ways we can do that is by sharing our story and connecting it to God’s story. How has God changed your story? How is God changing your story? Could you share this story with someone and help them find life as well? 

Day 5: Read John 4:13-18. What kind of neighbor are you at work, home, school? Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman shows us how following Him changes our attitudes and behavior with strangers. How much more could following Jesus affect our attitudes and behavior toward those in our daily lives? Isn’t it just as easy to be surrounded by people we know at work or school, even our small group and to look past them just as we would a stranger? How are you doing with loving your neighbors, your literal neighbors? How we are loving them is one way we plant seeds in their lives and our relationships. What would it be like to be intentional this week with the neighbors in your life? Maybe that is an initial conversation, or it could be they are a friend already. If that’s the case, maybe its time you shared your story of how God revealed Himself to you, either a recent simple truth or a pivotal moment in your life? What would it look like for your small group to share their stories with one another? Take 4 minutes each and share – it will change and deepen your group, and it might change a life!  

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