Week of July 9

Encountering Jesus

So That...

Day 1: Read John 9:1-2. So much of life can be confusing. Circumstances unfold in ways that seem unfair. Questions go unanswered; or at times are answered in ways that we don’t understand. Others receive blessings while we don’t. Are they more deserving of blessing than me? Have you asked that question? We may be enduring challenges and struggles or facing uncertainties that don’t make sense. Why? This was the question asked by the disciples of Jesus in John 9:2 regarding a man who had been born blind. Jesus why? Why was this man born blind? Why has he had to endure this trial for all these years? We often ask similar questions. Jesus why? Jot down 2-3 ‘why’ questions you have asked God? Then, consider the assumptions that you make about God and life. 


Day 2: Read John 9: 2-3. The disciples ‘why’ question was rooted in tradition. Bad things happen to bad people – someone’s sin must have caused this. Whose? Their question was an attempt to explain God. Our questions are often rooted in tradition as well. "I’m trying to love You and live for You, God. So why am I continually faced with challenge and trial? Aren’t you a good God who loves to give good gifts to people? Where are those good gifts? When will the blessing come?" Our questions are often an attempt to explain God and his actions. And when we can’t explain God in ways that make sense, it can be easy to become disillusioned and distance ourselves from God. When bad things happen or things don’t work out as we had hoped, do we feel that God has somehow let us down? Not kept up His end of the deal? Do you believe that you can avoid tragedy and disappointments if you just a “good enough” Christian? (Read Hebrews 11: 32-40) 


Day 3: Read John 9: 3-5. Jesus response to his disciples, ‘This happened so that…the power of God might be seen.’ We tend to view the circumstances of life in light of how they make us feel. Doesn't God want to bless us and give us good things? He does but that is not his ultimate point. God wants us to view the circumstances of life in light of how they make Him known. Could it be that difficulties in life may be so that God might be displayed to us, in us and then through us? Consider the why questions you wrote down in Day 1 through the lens that God's ultimate goal is not our happiness or contentment. What are we learning about or discovering about God as we face this “thing” in our life? How are the difficulties moving us toward a closer relationship with Jesus? How are they teaching us about living a surrendered life? 


Day 4: Read John 9: 9-15. The most beautiful people in the world are typically those who have known difficult roads and seen Jesus on the journey. We get to know the deep places of God in the midst of it. As you encounter Jesus - the faithfulness of Jesus, the healing of Jesus, the provision of Jesus – would others see and hear these things in your life? This man born blind did. He declared what He knew of Jesus, which included what Jesus had done for him. He did not have years of bible school or a complete understanding of who Jesus is and all that He was. But without fear, he boldly and clearly declared what he knew. I once was blind, but know I can see! This is what Jesus did for me. What about you? What has been your disability, your trial, your dark season? In what ways is Jesus changing you? What is your ‘so that’? I once was ___________ but now I _____________. 


Day 5: Read John 9:24-25. As we become like Jesus, we experience healing and change. Every place in us that is unlike Jesus is a potential place of healing and restoration. When we are changed at a heart level we begin to live differently; when we live differently people see God. They see the person that was once angry and mean-spirited now speaking peace and kindness to others. They see the person who is suffering maintain a sense of peace and joy. They see a greedy person become a generous one. This is the miracle of heart transformation that God can do in you. How are you different? Can you look at where you were 5 years ago, 1 year ago, 

6 months ago and see a heart level change? Reflect on one way God is changing you in the midst of pain or unexplained circumstances. This very well may change how we pray. God, I do not to want to accumulate blessings, instead I want my heart to be transformed.

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