Week of July 16

Encountering Jesus

If Only...

Day 1: Think about the message Jesus receives from Mary and Martha in John 11:1-6 and how He responds. “Lord, the one you love is sick” communicates to Jesus that Lazarus is ill. But it also indicates to us Jesus’ close relationship with the family. Though unspoken, a request has been made by the sisters. They have experienced how Jesus has miraculously met the needs of so many others and most likely expected their plea would result in Lazarus being healed. Jesus responds by promising Lazarus’ sickness will not result in death. Jesus adds that He and the Father will be glorified in the process. Then Jesus delays traveling for two days. Have you experienced times when God seemed slow to respond to your prayers? How did this make you feel? Review how similar the words from Martha and Mary are when greeting Jesus in Bethany (John 11:21, 32). What do their reactions say about their feeling of Jesus’ timing? How does Jesus’ respond to both sisters help you deal with future delays?


Day 2: Read John 11:7-16. How do the disciples respond to Jesus’ willingness to go to Judea and minister to Lazarus? They knew they would be traveling into territory where they could all be killed. As the conversation continues, the disciples learn that Lazarus is already dead so imagine how their confidence in this mission might be shaken even more. After all, didn’t Jesus promise earlier that Lazarus would not die? Reflect on how Thomas responds in faith. Has God put a request on your heart that requires you to get out of your comfort zone and boldly place your trust in Him?


Day 3: When Jesus tells Martha that her brother will rise again, she responds that she knows all about the resurrection on the last day. Jesus then issues a statement that stretches her faith, while promising to overthrow the power of death over man. Read and reflect on these words: “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me shall never die” (John 11:25-26). Who but God could say these words? Jesus ends verse 26 with a simple question. Read it out loud and then notice how Martha responds. The demonstrations of Jesus’ ultimate power had not even come yet, but Martha affirms her belief that Jesus is the Messiah. Her faith and obedience as a believer is a model for all of us to follow. Read John 11:40. What must we do to see the glory of God? Ask God how He is trying to stretch you. An attitude you need to change? A forgiveness you need to extend? A habit you need to break?


Day 4: The shortest verse in the Bible is “Jesus wept.” (John 11:35). But before he wept, he “groaned with the spirit and was troubled.” There’s no doubt that the scene at the Lazarus’ tomb has Jesus emotional. But what is he reacting to? Is he caught up in the grief displayed by family and friends? Was his humanness showing through as He mourned the life of Lazarus? With only weeks away from the cross, was he contemplating his own death? Take a few moments to enter this scene and reflect. After some silence, consider Martha, Mary or the other mourners. They readily accept that Jesus can heal, but do not even consider he can raise a man from the dead. Nor do they fully understand that he was sent by God to conquer sin and death. Throughout Jesus’ ministry, the one thing that he preached and demanded above all else is that people believe him. Read John 11:14. When has it been hard to believe Jesus? Is it hard to believe him in some area of your life?


Day 5: Consider the message from Sunday as you read John 11:32-36. Though Jesus is fully God, he is also fully human. Despite knowing that he will miraculously change the circumstances of that day, he enters into the grief with Mary, Martha and those who are mourning together. Jesus is present. If you have time, read Genesis 16 and consider God’s heart towards Hagar. In her despair, Hagar says to God, “You are the God who sees me”. He is troubled when He sees us grieving, afraid or overwhelmed. If you are in a trial right now or in the middle of a circumstance that is beyond you, be reminded he loves you. Invite him to sit with you a while.

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