Week of August 6

Encountering Jesus

Second Chances

Day 1: At the start of John 21, we find Peter on the Sea of Galilee fishing. Cory shares that Peter was looking to the familiar for comfort. Possibly to ease his guilt and shame over his betrayal of Jesus. Or maybe to gain clarity on why Jesus died instead of establishing the new earthly kingdom like he had expected. Either way, Peter was confused and retreated to his old way of life. What earthly comfort do you run to when you face guilt or shame from having failed or sinned? Reflect if or how these activities may be a self-driven distraction to hide from God. Are these diversions stopping you from taking the next step to discover what God has uniquely planned for your life? Self-awareness is a powerful tool. Learn your cues. Have a conversation with a friend about your hiding places and allow them to share theirs. You can help each other. 


Day 2: Read John 21:7. Note what happens when John recognizes Jesus. Peter jumps in the water to be the first man on shore. Peter continually sought to prove his love for Jesus by boasting about it, arguing with his “rival” disciples (read Luke 22:24-34) and even rashly using his sword to lop off an ear. But this time Peter learns that Jesus has a different benchmark for testing one’s love for Him – one of sacrificial service. Reflect how Jesus pursues this impetuous and flawed man in John 21:15-22. He doesn’t punish and shame, but forgives and restores. Jesus reminds Peter of his God-given identity, that his scene of betrayal would not define his life’s story. Are you in need of a restoration? Stop. Turn around. And fall into the loving arms of the Savior chasing you. Like Peter did on the shore, experience the God of second chances. 


Day 3: In Not a Fan, the prerequisite book for Followers Made -  six-month discipling experience at LSCC, author Kyle Idleman states: “The biggest threat to the church today is fans who call themselves Christians but aren’t actually interested in following Christ. They want to be close enough to Jesus to get all the benefits, but not so close that it requires anything from them.” Read John 21:15-19. Jesus’ “Follow Me” command to Peter at the end of Verse 19 punctuates what Christ expects from him. And us. To walk in His steps, live as He lived, serve others as He did, and to even lay down our lives for the “sheep” if necessary. What would it look like in your life to move from a well-wishing, fan waiving, Phileo love to a surrender-all Agapao love for Jesus and people? Are you a self-empowered fan or a Spirit-filled follower? God is pursuing you for a purpose. He is calling you to follow. How do you plan to follow Him today? Give some specific examples. 


Day 4: Review John 21:20-23. Right after Peter receives his personal call from Jesus to follow him, he asks Jesus how John’s life will unfold. It’s easy to fall into this trap of what our life looks like compared to others. That’s the way we sinners are wired. But Jesus doesn’t judge any of us according to our superiority or inferiority over someone else. Read Ephesians 2:10. Spend some quiet time thanking God for His unique plan and purpose for your life. If uncertain of your calling, ask God for direction. Thank God for using people, like you and me, for His purposes. One part of Followers Made discipleship group at LSCC is a process of discovering or deepening the unique calling God has given you. If you haven’t been through, consider Followers Made this fall. 


Day 5: John 21 is a chapter of heart-change transformation for Peter. Jesus calls him to live the story God has written for him and as we see in the book of Acts. Peter used mightily by God as a leader of the early church. At LSCC, we have three commitments we ask each to make to reveal God’s unique story for our lives. Consistently re-align our perspectives with God’s perspectives by making Worship an integral part of our daily lives. Embrace a lifestyle where we are known and know others deeply by engaging in community. Engage in an intentional lifestyle to serve others as Jesus did, without any expectation of being served yourself. Over the summer, we have encountered Jesus through this message series. Reflect on last week and previous messages. What one to two messages or truths have stirred you during the series? Where is God inviting you to take a step? Take time to share with your spouse, a friend or in your small group.

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