Week of September 17

God In You

What Can He Do?

Day 1:  For most of us, the Holy Spirit is either a complete mystery or we already hold an opinion of who He is and what He does or does not do. As Cory mentioned, there are many extreme beliefs surrounding the Holy Spirit and how He works in our lives and the world today. These beliefs shape how we relate with and understand the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Take a few minutes to think about your personal opinions and beliefs. What, or who, has influenced these beliefs? Have they been influenced by extremes or by what Jesus taught? If we want to know and become like Jesus, we will need to seek truth about the Holy Spirit and the role He plays in transforming our heart. Read John 15. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any opinions or beliefs that are keeping you from fully engaging in understanding and seeking His truth. Ask Him to teach you, guide you, and reveal truth to you. 


Day 2: Read through John 14. The Holy Spirit is described as the Advocate: “a person who pleads for or on behalf of another”, “one who supports or promotes or champions the interests of a cause, group, or a person” Synonyms: champion, backer, promoter, supporter. The Holy Spirit is our champion. He pleads with us on our own behalf. He is not a prosecutor or accuser (someone who leads the case against someone). Questions to consider…have I viewed the Spirit more like a prosecutor or an advocate? Will I believe the teaching of Jesus regarding the Holy Spirit as my advocate and my champion? What would it look like to begin understanding and viewing the Holy Spirit’s role as my advocate instead of a prosecutor? How would that change the way I understand the Holy Spirit and the role he has in my life?  


Day 3: If the Holy Spirit is our advocate, what is He advocating for in our lives? He is promoting and championing the “cause” in each of us to step-by-step become increasingly more like Jesus. Re-read the definitions and synonyms for advocate from Day 2. What thoughts come to mind about having someone who, without fail, advocates for you and you becoming like Jesus? What is encouraging about that? What reservations or possibly fears come to mind?  

Pray with honesty about any doubts or fears you may have about the role of the Holy Spirit in your life. Ask for Him to reveal any thoughts or attitudes that hold you back from trusting Him and His purpose in you. 


Day 4: When we open the Bible, we have the Holy Spirit to help us understand it, not simply to gain informational understanding, but rather for personal heart level change. This is a Spirit-driven process of forming our character at a heart level that will result in living differently. As the Spirit reveals Jesus and His heart, we will find the path to becoming like Him. Do you have established patterns where the Spirit is free to reveal Jesus and his heart to you? Do you come to scripture with a check-list or an agenda? Does the Spirit have the freedom to speak or not speak as He desires? Take a couple of minutes to sit quietly. Consider asking the Spirit “is there something you want to show me? Is there something in me you want to speak to and change?” Thank the Holy Spirit for the truth of His presence with you. Read through John chapter 16. As you read, read to hear and apply, not simply to master the content. Try to free yourself from what you think you know and allow the Spirit to guide and form you. Journal about the experience. Was it difficult? If so, what was difficult about it? Don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel like anything was accomplished. It isn’t always about accomplishing – but it always about trusting in His presence and relationship.  


Day 5: Read John 17. Use the prayer and questions from Day 4 as you begin. What does it mean to you that in addition to revealing Jesus to us, the Spirit gives us power to become like Jesus? Remember the purpose is not only to reveal Jesus to us but for us to be changed at a heart level to become like Jesus. This is where the work of transformation becomes a reality. We are given the power to do it, but we must take the steps. What steps do you have in place or put into place to move from hearing/seeing a truth to moving that into a behavior, attitude or lifestyle change? “Direction, not intention, determines destination.” Andy Stanley. Identify the steps you need to take – the direction – and share that with someone. 

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