October 28, 2018

How To Be Rich

This week’s devotional is about awareness. Likely you will experience discomfort as questions and scriptures may reveal issues or barriers between you and God. Invite God into this process. Awareness is a first step in the transformation process.  


Day 1. Read 1 Timothy 6:6-10. For the last two weeks, we have been reminded that we are rich. We all are so very rich in every aspect of our lives, yet our constant pursuit of money can keep us in a perpetual state of “want.” Read verse 6 and think about this for a few minutes. How content do you feel in what you have? How is your heart?  


Day 2. Read Matthew 6:19-21. What do you see as the difference between “treasure on earth” and “treasure in heaven”? Jesus warns us to be wary of attachment to our possessions as a source of joy, security and significance. This is not just about our stuff, this is bigger than that. This is about what we truly value, what is in our hearts. In whom or what do you really trust? Where does your joy truly come from? Where are you storing your treasures? 


Day 3. Read Luke 16:10-11. The material things we have are insignificant in comparison to our true riches in heaven, and yet the way that we handle them reveals a great deal about us. God is concerned about the state of your heart more than your social status and our stuff. Ask yourself, how am I trustworthy with what God has given me? Does my relationship with Jesus shape my view and use of my possessions or do my possessions shape my view of Jesus? Which direction is that going as I reflect on my day-to-day choices? Do my beliefs line up with my actions and attitudes?  


Days 4 & 5. Regular Heart Exam 

Be still for a moment, acknowledge the presence of God with you. Ask for the Spirit to examine your heart regarding money and possessions, and your pursuit of both. Ask to become aware of these things and to receive what is revealed without rationalizations or condemnation from self or the evil one. Answer some (if you don’t have time for all) of these questions with what your heart reveals not what you wish, but what is actually true in you. Resist rushing through these questions. Be prepared come back to this tomorrow.  


  • How much focus, time, and energy did I give to money and possessions, or potential possessions in the last week, month? 

  • Was there a time in my life when I thought, “If I ever make $___, I would be super generous.” Are you?  

  • Do I believe more money or more stuff will help take the pressure off, help me be content, or worry less, and be happier?   

  • Do I believe I would be more secure, important, respected if I had more money, a better car, nicer house, bigger title…? 

  • Do I think that I will be more generous as soon as I get settled in my career, get a house, get married, or get the kids through college?  Am I still waiting on another life event to happen?  

  • Is one of my highest values for my life, my kid’s life, a strong income and comfortable life?  

  • Do I believe wealth indicates God’s pleasure with me or others?  

  • Have my resources changed how I relate with money, others, or God? 

  • Do I believe if I were wealthy, I would be more compassionate and generous than the rich people I know?   

  • Could others better understand Jesus life, teaching, and Kingdom vision by observing my relationship with money and possessions?  

  • Would I be comfortable discussing the answers to these questions honestly with another?  


Reflect on what you’ve just done. Does any answers surprise you? Are there any noticeable emotions present like guilt, frustration, embarrassment, or relief? What will you do with what you discovered? Consider a couple of steps to take over the next few days. Discuss 1-2 of these answers with a friend or family member.  Take time to pray and journal for 30-60 minutes. Write one of these questions on a note card to remind you this week. Sign up for Financial Peace University starting in January. 

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