November 25, 2018

A Matter of the Heart

Day 1: HEART JOURNEY The word journey can be explained as an ongoing trip toward a final destination or goal. Each of us are on a journey. Not just a journey to a location, but a journey of the heart that is moving toward our goal or destination of becoming more like Jesus. Sometimes that journey takes detours and gets off-track. Let’s slow this journey down and take a moment to reflect on what is in our hearts. Is there an attitude or series of choices that are moving you more toward Jesus? What attitudes or values might be keeping you from going directly toward your goal of Christ? Is there something or someone taking you off-track? Is there someone walking alongside you in your journey who you can talk to about these things? Invite them to speak truth and encouragement to you as you reflect on your (and their) current track in this journey of the heart. 


Day 2: CLEAN HEART - IDOLS One of the things that gets us off track in our journey is the value we put on other things in our life. We have been blessed with many great things, opportunities and relationships. But when these blessings or desires take up the highest position of adoration or aspiration in our hearts, we have begun to elevate these things as idols. This keeps us from fully following after Jesus. Ask yourself these questions: Am I open to God searching my life/heart, purifying or redirecting my attitudes, thoughts and choices? Where or when do I settle for things as they are and don’t want my things or my life to be different? Another way to ask; Are love, joy, compassion, or patience (see fruit of the Spirit) overflowing in my life? Read Ephesians 4:18-19. Are you willing to let God help you see your heart where you have lost sensitivity? Let’s get honest with God. We aren’t going to surprise Him with our secrets. He knows.  


Day 3: HUMBLE YOURSELF BEFORE THE LORD Once we have allowed God to illuminate the dark places of our hearts, those things that we had put in higher importance than God himself, we then can begin to realign. Deuteronomy 10:16 says to remove the idols that are giving you identity. By bringing our idols and hardened places to Him, we need to humble ourselves before Him. We do this by admitting we have put other things above Him. We let Him take the highest place in our life, in our minds, in our hearts. We humble ourselves and give Him permission to make the adjustments in our lives needed to soften the hardened places in our hearts. Take time today to humble yourself before God today. A position of kneeling is a position of surrender. Read Psalm 139:23-24. Confess those things that you have let take higher priority in your life than Jesus.  


Day 4: RENEW YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS/DEVOTION God’s word says that when we confess our sin, He is just and faithful to forgive. What hope! God WANTS a renewal in our relationship with Him! And He is joyful to take first place in your heart again! So, we can be confident in presenting ourselves to Him as we continue our journey with Jesus (Romans 12:1-2). We can be confident that He will walk with us and keep our hearts soft and sensitive to Him and His ways of love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, self-control and forgiveness through His Spirit that He puts within us. Our hearts can be DAILY shaped and realigned through His Spirit guiding us in our journey with Jesus. Trust Him and this process. A heart is being formed. His desires are becoming your desires.  


Day 5: LOOK AT HEART EXAM again In the October 28 devotional (you can access it online at or through the LSCC app) we were encouraged to take a Heart Exam. This exam is a way to do a daily ‘checkup’ with Jesus and let His Spirit speak through examining these questions in regard to your heart. Here are a few of those questions (some modified):  

  • How much focus, time and energy did I give to money, a possession, or a potential possession in that last week/month?  

  • Was there ever a time in my life when I thought, “If I were to ever achieve ______, then I would be satisfied/successful?”  

  • Name one or two of the highest values for my life. Does that value line up with a centering on God or does it place God to the side?  

Go back to the devotional on that week to read the full heart exam. Print out these questions so you can read and evaluate them on a regular basis. Add your own questions to that exam that YOU know you need to keep checking up on with God. Place them somewhere that you will see and remind yourself of this matter of the heart. 

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