Week of August 26

DNA: We Were Made For This

Pass It On

Day 1. Read Matthew 28:16-20.A disciple is someone who is following Jesus and intentionally seeking to become like Him. Jesus is now telling his disciples to make disciples. The early church understood that to believe and follow Jesus, or to be a Christian, was to be his disciple. There is no separating the two. In addition, a disciple is someone who is making other disciples. How exactly do we do this? How did Jesus do it? Through scripture, we see that Jesus’ greatest effort, focus, and investment of time was through growing relationship with the 12 and maybe even more so with the 3 (Peter, James and John). They experienced every imaginable life situation – together. The disciples had spent enough time with Jesus to know how he thought, what he cared about, what he taught and what he valued. They didn’t just hear him preach a message, they saw him live a message. Jesus made disciples by investing time to develop relationship. Who does Jesus want you to influence, invest time in, and to develop relationship with? Who is around you? What about the neighbor next door? The co-worker across the hall? The other parents sitting on the bleachers next to us week in and week out? Another student on my team? In my class? Whose path do you naturally cross? Throughout this week open your eyes to the people who are already in your life.

Day 2: Read Matthew 28:16-20 again. What do you think of when you read “Go”? Some may think of the apostle Paul. Paul traveled throughout the known world making disciples.  Another aspect of “go” is “as you go” or “wherever you go.” If we’re honest, this is hard. We love Facebook-worthy, Instagram-story-worthy things. We are drawn to the notion of big, change-the-world kind of “go” activities. However “As you go” looks more like, “this is going to become part of my LIFE” instead of something I add to my life. This is living in a different way. It is being a good friend, not pretentious, not putting on an “I’ve got it all together” face and I’m here to help you. It is learning to admit “I don’t have it all together and I need you as much as you need me.” Learning to be authentic, honest about real life stuff, and connecting in a meaningful way with people who may be different from us. Those who first heard these words may have heard differently than how we read it today. This was a directive to cross racial, economic, nationality, political, religious, and gender divides. What does the community around me look like? Does it look like me? What is one step I can take over thecoming week, month, and year to cross a divide in the world that I’m already engaged in? 

Day 3: Read Luke 11:46. Cory mentioned that in a relay race a runner passes the baton to the next runner and so on. The question becomes, WHAT am I passing on? What did Jesus pass on? Am I passing on something worth carrying? Or am I passing on a heavy burden that will only serve to weigh others down…merely a bunch of rules to follow? Jesus’ message was not merely rules to obey but a way to live that changes who we are from the inside-out. Who Jesus is, is what he passed on. What we discover about Jesus and how we engaged in that relationship is what we pass on. The most important question we can then ask ourselves is, “What step do I need to take in the coming days to discover Jesus?”Read 2 Tim. 1:5, 2 Tim 2:2  

Day 4. In yesterday’s verses from 2 Timothy we see faith being intentionally passed on. We pass faith on unintentionally, too. A few weeks ago, Steve shared that we are the church. You and I are the witnesses to our family, our co-workers, neighbors, and community of who Jesus is and what it looks like to follow Him. What do my attitudes, my actions, my opinions, my words, give witness to? Are they worthy to be picked up by the person next to me? How would our neighbors describe us? Who is the person our employees, employer, teachers, coach, classmates, or the person we disagree with, describe us to be? What about those we engage with on Sunday mornings? Would the type of person being described by all these people be generally the same or would it seem like dramatically different people? Does my unintentional faith witness match my intentional one?  

Day 5: Following the services last Sunday, we took the time to celebrate 30 years of LSCC in the community. We came together and shared stories of life change and began intentionally looking forward to what is yet to be. Think about who you saw, who you talked to, and stories you shared. Now consider a person who wasn’t there, but could be in a year, 5 years, 10 years from now because of a choice you make today to see someone and to choose to invest in relationship with them? Who might find their way to a life of following Jesus and join a community of faith? Do you remember the Next Steps card from Sunday? Think back over the devotions from this week. Who will you take intentional steps with to discover more of Jesus? Who will you intentionally pass your faith on to? Who will you cross a divide for to love and be Jesus to? Identify the steps you need to take.Write them down. Keep the card in a place you will see daily or weekly.Tell someone the steps you have identified and ask them to support and pray for you.  

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