September 2, 2018

Trekking Through The Christian Life

Day 1:  Read Hebrews 12: 1-2 Have you been on a journey recently, this summer? Where did you go? What did you do? What memories do you have? We are all on a journey whether we realize it or not. This passage tells us to run (journey) with perseverance the race marked out for us. Journeying through life calls us to movement, steps, intentionality and perseverance. My journey is not your journey, my next step is not your next step. There is something personal and unique about my journey with God. Yet it is through community that our journey is stirred, takes on meaning, and helps us stay the course. Are you currently on course in your journey? Are you asking and answering questions about your journey with God? Do you have someone or a group who knows how you are doing? Consider those around you who provide support and encouragement for your journey. Are you in a small group? September is a popular time for many to join a group. If you are in a group, how well is the group doing at encouraging each other on in the journey of life and faith? 

Day 2:  Read Psalm 119:105 & Hebrews 12:1.Stay the course! Doug told the story of a very difficult journey they had to make above the tree line, in thin air, to get to where they were going. Tired, weary legs, blistered feet from the boots…but they did it together. When they made it to the valley, they celebrated their accomplishment and realized how they grew during the journey. We are all tempted to pause our journey and take a break. However, sometimes, we don’t get back on the trail. What tends to pull you off course? What are familiar or even current excuses that see in yourself? Does your heart pull you off course? What is the sin that so entangles you? Is there something doing more than entertaining you but “discipling” you away from the course – news, social media, politics, sports? What is most shaping your course? If you find yourself off course, what would it take to course correct?

Day 3: Read Genesis 15:1-6. Sometimes life just does not seem to make sense. Our vision is too blurry, Our scope is too narrow. Our understanding is too small. When the Lord invites you into His tent (world) to speak to you through the scripture, others, or circumstances, do you tend to believe by faith ordoubt? Is God asking you to do something or giving you direction but fear or excuses have paralyzed you to take a next step? Spend some time in prayer, seek a trusted believer out to discuss, and embrace the risk. Remember God is the God of protection, inspiration, renewal, perspective, transformation, love, care, and patience. If you need a reminder, walk outside tonight and look up at the stars.

Day 4: Read 2 Corinthians 4:5-10 & Proverbs 17:3. When the journey gets difficult…when expectations don’t get met, when circumstances are painful, when we feel burned out, when life throws us a curveball…are we fixing our eyes on Jesus? These are the moments that change us and allow us to grow in the likeness of Jesus. Difficulties build character in us for future journeys, our own benefit and for the sake of others. What can we learn thru our current difficulty? How is character being formed during a present trial or obstacle? What does God have for you? Is He purifying you? Is He demonstrating the power of the Gospel through you? Resolve yourself to trust, to have faith, in the midst of your journey. 

Day 5: Follow the leader. Read John 12:24-26. Who are you following? This question is essential and tells us whether we are growing spiritually or in some other way. Jesus tells us that anyone who wants to serve Him follows Him. So, again, who are you following? Will they take you where you hope to go, lead you to be who you hope to become? Following Jesus is not easy or easier. It’s just better. Jesus models and teaches us a better way to live more in line with how we were created to live. We will find the deepest meaning, purpose and significance following him. Are you following Jesus? What evidence currently supports that you are following Jesus? Look past your spiritual habits and church or small group attendance. The more compelling evidence is in attitudes and behaviors you’ve been displaying over the past few days.