January 27, 2019

By Faith

Day 1: Read Matthew 8:1-4 What does the man with leprosy tell Jesus? What is his attitude towards Jesus’ ability to heal him? He wasn’t doubting Jesus’ ability to cleanse his leprosy. He knew it depended on Jesus’ will. Is this your attitude toward desires and needs in your life? Do you have confidence in what God can do and you leave it in His hands whether he is willing to do it? Identify a struggle you have in your life or a request you have for God, perhaps something that you brought to God on Sunday.  Recognize God’s great ability and leave it in His hands. Pray this prayer regarding your need, “Lord, if you are willing, you can _________.”  


Day 2: Read Matthew 8:5-13 The centurion knew who Jesus was and the power He has. He knew what Jesus could do and based his request on that. Think about who you know God to be. It is one thing to believe that God could do something in theory. It is another thing to believe that He can do something in your life. Is there anything that you are confident God wants to do in your life? Who do you believe Him to be? Knowing who God is and what He wants to do gives sureness to our requests. Seek to grow in knowing God and learning of his will in our lives – the man or woman he wants you to be. Then you will grow in confidence in your requests.  


Day 3Read Matthew 8:5-13 again. Jesus said He would go to the centurion’s house to heal his servant, but the centurion knew how great Jesus was; that Jesus was capable of healing his servant from a distance. Jesus was already on his way to heal the servant, but the centurion asked for something more because he knew Jesus’ authority and power. Do you see God working in your life, but you know he is capable of more? Don’t be afraid to ask God for more in line with what you know of God and His greatness. Name off a few places where you know God is already working in your life or another’s life. Now, in light of who God is and His will and His promises, do you believe there are greater things he could be doing? Ask him! 


Day 4: Read Matthew 9:18-26 The ruler knew that Jesus could heal his daughter and he thought the action that was necessary was Jesus coming to put his hand on her and she would live. So, he invited Jesus to come to his house to put his hand on her. The woman with bleeding knew Jesus could heal her and she thought the action that was necessary was touching his cloak. So, she touched his cloak. In both cases, they had faith and so they took the action they thought necessary. It was not that the specific action itself did the trick. Their faith is why Jesus healed. They took action because of their faith, and in their actions, Jesus saw their faith. What do you have in your mind that your faith would have you do? Is there a need or request you brought to God on Sunday and there is something you believe God would want you to do about it? Take action.  


Day 5: Read Matthew 9:27-30 Jesus told the blind men, “According to your faith it will be done to you.” (Matthew 9:29). To some degree what God can do is affected by what we believe He can do. Not that He is limited by our faith in actuality, but that He limits Himself, holds Himself back, when faith is lacking. Are there specific areas in your life where you lack faith – where worry or fear exist? Meditate on who God is according to his Word. Exercise faith in God over the situations in your life. How would that change your attitude, actions, and perspective? And who knows what God will do if you trust Him in these areas! Pray and persist. Continue taking steps of faith in him.   


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