January 6, 2019

A Matter of the Heart


Day 1: Happy New Year! Last week, Pastor Jack spoke to us about the newly arrived 2019. He challenged us to consider, “Will this be a new year for you, or will this just be like last year?” Over the last week, what have you discovered in yourself, and your life, for changes in the new year? Where will you focus to seek a new heart as we jump into another trip around the sun? Read Isaiah 43: 18-19 and Jeremiah 29:11. Pray to the Lord over these passages, and trust that the future is gifted, blessed and protected by the Father. Ask for the openness to travel a path of new discovery - full of love - on our journey to live and become more like Jesus.

Day 2: Pastor Steve continued our discussion of heart this week evaluating our “risk”. The bible states in several passages the pitfalls of our sinful nature.  Read Colossians 3:5-8 and Galatians 5:19-21. Jesus points out to us- to help us quit kidding ourselves- to realize/admit we are the biggest threat to our own hearts, of doing our heart’s damage. Doctors educate us about physical heart disease, and it’s contributing factors. Spiritually speaking, what factors are contributing to your heart disease? Consider your own attitudes, values, motives, behavior, patterns of thought, etc. Are you open to clearly see where your heart might hold Christ-likeness vs. Christ-unlikeness?

Day 3: Luke 15:11 holds the story of the prodigal son. A passage you may have learned from your early Sunday school days. The focus is always on the younger son who returns home, but what about the older son? The older son, although outwardly doing the right things, developed a sense of entitlement that led to pious resentment and contempt inside his heart. Just as the Pharisees outwardly wore adornments and were strict moralists, Jesus assessed them to be whitewashed tombs, dead to God on the inside. They had mastered their scriptures, knew all the right language, but were far from God. “First clean the inside of your cup.”  This is a clear call for each of us to become aware of our individual risks through disciplines, practices and community in our lives to address our interior lives, our hearts.  As children, we are taught the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have done unto you. Matthew 7:12. As adults, we learn the Latin legal term, “Quid pro quo” – a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something. What’s your motivation for your behaviors toward your spouse, coworkers, friends? Examine your heart; are you seeking to be more like Jesus with love/devotion, or seeking a “tit for tat”, self-serving outcome like the older brother in the story?

Day 4: Continue Matthew 7: 13-14. “Narrow Gate vs Wide Gate” Which path will you follow? At first, starting through the narrow gate seems daunting, tight, restrictive. Disciplines, practices, study, self-awareness, and change are difficult to adopt, but as you travel the narrow way, aligned to the kingdom of God, the path widens. You discover the freedom of life to fullest and a grateful heart. The wide gate, although easy at first, leads to a life that destroys us from the inside out. The things along this path that start out as appealing eventually turn on us and begin to own us. Read Ephesians 5:3-6 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. Which path are you traveling? The choice for this path comes many times a day, the good news is the narrow path to Jesus Christ is always available! 

Day 5: What are my next steps? What changes can I make in the New Year that lead to living and to becoming more like Jesus?

  • Prayer and worship – To realign my perspective to God’s perspective, rather than vice versa.

  • Bible Study – To help me to better know Jesus.

  • Serve – To shape my heart away from self-absorption.

  • Community – To walk with others, and to have them walk with you; asking and answering the hard questions about our attitudes, thinking and ultimately, our heart. lscckc.org/groups - is a resource for those seeking community and connection.

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