February 17, 2019

By Faith

Walking By Faith In the Midst of Failure

*The story of Joseph begins in Genesis 37. It does not end until Genesis does. For those interested, we recommend reading these 14 chapters if you get a chance, as there is value in comprehending the context of a story as well as coming to your own understanding of events that took place. For the more time sensitive study, we will focus on Joseph’s walk with God in a few examples given to us throughout these 14 chapters.  


Day 1: A common misconception about faith is the idea that it is developed instantaneously. Looking at the story of Joseph, it could be easy to think that he always had faith and, therefore, was the recipient of miracles. However, Joseph’s journey from being sold into slavery to sitting at the right hand of Pharaoh took 20 years. Although this is summarized in four chapters of the Bible, Joseph had to live this out day by day (Genesis 37, 39-41). What challenges do you think Joseph faced with keeping faith? How do you think Joseph remained focused on maintaining his faith throughout these hard times? What does remaining focused on your own faith look like in times of difficulty? 


Day 2: Try to think about the progression of situations Joseph finds himself in without thinking about where he ends up. Read Genesis 40:1- 41:1. Imagine how Joseph sought to maintain his faith after the cupbearer forgot about him? Do you think Joseph was focused on his current situation in prison? In this chapter, we see that Joseph desired to be freed from prison in verses 14 and 15, but is that what motivated him? Joseph spent another two years in prison before the cupbearer finally remembered him and helped him to freedom. Those two years would have felt crushing if Joseph’s faith were built upon the outcomes he desired. If his faith was not centered on potential outcomes, what was it centered on? 


Day 3: Read Genesis 39:2-20. When Joseph was serving Potiphar, it would have been in Joseph’s best interest to keep Potiphar’s wife happy. Joseph instead followed God’s path and was punished for it. God uses life circumstances to develop us, just as he did with Joseph. In many cases, these situations come from actions or events that we have no control over. It is easy to feel victimized in these times. Surely Joseph could relate to this feeling. Even so, he continued to pursue God instead of blaming him or trying to fix it himself. If Joseph had succumbed to Potiphar’s wife and taken his situation into his own hands, he would have missed out on a different and better future. Why is it so difficult for us to give up control and follow God’s plan? Do you face a decision or a fork in the road right now? How does it require faith of you?  


Day 4: In Joseph’s story he continually finds himself in tough situations and in need of God’s help. God used these times to fortify Joseph’s faith and transform him into the person we can now read about. The first encounter we have with him, Joseph is bragging to his less-favored brothers about being the best of them all resulting in them selling him into slavery. God uses the struggle of Joseph’s journey after this to change him into the person, 20 years later, that shows mercy to his brothers in their time of need, even though he would have had complete authority to deny them help. This is a change of heart. How does living faithfully change people? Why is being faithful worth it? Joseph seems to be a very capable man, yet he trusts his life, situations, and outcomes solely on God. How can we be more like this? 


Day 5: Joseph clearly demonstrated what it means to live a life with God. Through taking steps with God, having faith in God, and sacrificing selfish desires to pursue God over the span of his lifetime, Joseph shows that this is a long process. Although having faith is an active choice, there is not a faith “switch” that just needs to be turned on. Through following God and seeing the evidence of a better life, Joseph was able to continually choose to have faith in God’s plan. We can do the same. What are some of the hardest things about choosing to have faith? What habits can you implement to protect and build your faith? What decisions do you need to make to better follow God in order to live a faith-filled life?  

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