March 17, 2019

By Faith

The Price of Faith

Day 1: In the process of heart transformation, God works in his children and we work with him through the cutting away or removing of everything that is not like our Father. It is a work that God does in his children and that he calls us to do (Philippians 2:13).  It is a privilege for those who are his children and is desperately needed because of the devastating effects of sin. This removing of undesirable parts of our lives is both God’s work and ours. Sometimes the loving Father is seen doing the work such as in John 15:1-2 where the gardener (our Father) prunes all the branches (us) who are in the vine (Jesus), in I Peter 1:5-7 where trials test and mature our faith, and in Hebrews 12:5-11 where God is seen disciplining those he loves. In other places we are called to do the removing such as in Colossians 3:5-17, I Peter 1:13-16, and Hebrews 12:1-4. Read the passages above and consider God’s role and your role in cutting away those parts of your life that are not like Him.   


Day 2: Identify areas where God may be doing a cutting work in your life. Are there any painful circumstances you find yourself in? Is there a lesson to be learned there? Ask yourself some questions. Do I keep running into the same wall again and again?  Are these areas of my heart that God is attempting to do a deep work in?  How did I or do I treat, think of, and relate to people? Are there patterns that keep taking me off course of becoming more like Jesus? What do the people I love and trust keep pointing out to me, or what does scripture keep telling me or showing me? What do I hear in prayer? What am I obsessing over? Revisit the sermon series A Matter of the Heart (you can watch previous message series online at or through the LSCC app) from a few months ago. Do you remember any areas of needed heart change that God revealed to you? Write down heart attitudes and behaviors that God may be working to cut out of your life.  


Day 3: How am I going to respond to God’s work in my life cutting away things that don’t belong as He restores His image in me? Am I going to cooperate with or resist what he is doing in my life and wants for me? Do I have a humble heart that is open to learning and changing? Am I putting myself in a place to hear from God by listening to his Word and other people? What happens when I suffer loss? Do I have a heart that can say with Job, “The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD” (Job 1:21 ESV)? Am I willing to follow Jesus and have counted the cost that it is worth it to suffer loss in this world for the surpassing greatness of what he has called me to? Or what keeps me from living that way? Read James 4:1-10 and consider what humbling yourself and submitting to God ‘s work and will in your life would look like.  


Day 4: Am I actively cutting away that which I know doesn’t belong in my life or taking steps of obedience that I know will be painful? God does call us, as his children secure and loved in Christ, to remove actions and attitudes in our life that are not like him (Romans 6, Ephesians 4:20-5:20, I Peter 1:3-9). This takes effort and intentionality. He calls us to steps of obedience that may be painful but worth it in the end. Sometimes we are hesitant to take a step in faith because we are aware of the cost involved. Are there any positive steps God is calling you to take that you have not taken because of the pain you anticipate? Is there anything you can do to remind yourself that it will be worthwhile to take the step? Is there anyone that can support and encourage you as you take that step? Are there promises you can hold on to that will help you to go through the pain and arrive at the end goal? Commit to taking a step God is calling you to and make a plan that includes accountability, encouragement, and reminders from scripture to help you through the pain. 


Day 5: Trust God, remember his love, and hold onto the benefits in the midst of the painful process you may be currently going through. We are surrounded by God’s love from the start all the way through to the finish of his work in us. Read Hebrews 12. Notice the joy set before him for which Jesus endured the cross (v 2), that God’s discipline comes from love (v 6), and in the end discipline produces a harvest of righteousness and peace (v 11). What joy is before you? What is the result of the sacrifice God is calling you to endure? When we walk in obedience, we experience fellowship with Christ through his Spirit. In doing so, good comes to others and us in this world, and we are promised rewards in our life and that Christ is returning. Make reminders for yourself from God’s Word that are personally impactful in encouraging you and reminding you of the benefits that are to come. Hold these joys before you in your mind and come back to them again and again while you are feeling the cost of living in faith.  

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