April 21, 2019

Final Week

Day 1: Read Luke 24. Our main focus will be 13-35, but the power of these verses expands when placed in their context. Read Luke 24:15. Much like the two guys in this story, we are all on a path going somewhere. Jesus wants to come alongside and walk with us, to meet us wherever we are on our path. Are you open to a conversation with Jesus, similar to the one these men had? Jesus wants to engage with us on a personal level, no matter what we believe we know, we have to be willing to hear and respond if we want to truly know Jesus, and become more like Him.

Day 2: Read Luke 24:17-24. While Jesus was walking with these two men, He asks them a simple question. The men openly responded with their concerns, doubts, and feelings about all that had happened. Jesus does not decide to go another way or write them off as missing the point. He leans in and helps to create an understanding through showing them the bigger picture. Jesus can help clarify our doubts, struggles, events, and anything else that may seek to overwhelm us. He will also walk with us in them. What issues do you need to bring to God? Are there areas in your life that you question God’s motives or lack understanding? What current events in your life, or the culture we live, are at risk of shaping how you see Jesus or even want Him to be? Are you open to discovering a bigger Jesus than your current lens may allow? What or who do you need to help you become aware of how or where you are reshaping Jesus to your purposes?

Day 3: Read Luke 24:28-29. As these men walked and talked with Jesus, relationship began to form, they started to connect with him. When they got to where they were going, they didn’t want him to move on. As Jesus walked and listened to these guys, they leaned into the relationship that began to form with Jesus. Jesus wants to be a part of our lives, but that requires something of us as well. We all have a step to take, an openness to having Jesus rework our thinking and view of the world and what He is doing in it. What is a step you could take to open yourself to relationship or deepening your relationship with Jesus? These two guys would have missed Jesus and the life change that followed if their posture remained one of certainty. They may have dismissed this stranger that was walking with them as someone who didn’t get it. Is there something you are so sure of that it could actually keep you from hearing or knowing Jesus?

Day 4: Read Luke 24:30-32. As these men leaned into Jesus, He revealed Himself for who He truly was and is. This wasn’t by accident. When we take steps to know and become like Jesus, He reveals himself in ways that we would have not seen otherwise. Had these men let Jesus continue on past their village, they might have, or would have missed knowing Jesus. The same is true for us. As we follow Jesus, taking and working His teaching into our lives, we are changed, we know Him in new ways and in new circumstances, similar to how we develop and deepen relationships with others. Is there an “area” of your life that you have not relationally shared with Jesus? Something you are yet to let go of or that you may even be hiding from Jesus? What would it look like, what would it take to expose it to Jesus and allow Him to love you and change you even in that area of life?

Day 5: Read Luke 24:33-35. Think how normal and easy it would have been for these two guys to have missed knowing Jesus and all He began to do in their lives. They easily could have let Jesus just keep on walking, or been kind enough to this stranger to give Him a meal but not share it with Him. Where, in your everyday life, might you be at risk of missing Jesus as well? They practiced hospitality, kindness, or maybe it was an act of compassion or mercy to this stranger that left them in a position to see and hear fully from Jesus. These are acts to a stranger that Jesus Himself had taught, even claiming that when they did these things to the least among us, it would be doing them to Him. They were able to meet Jesus, get to know Him, and be grown by Him through living out His teaching. Who will you meet today that needs more than a polite hello or a promised prayer? How can you be more intentional in loving the person in front of you, even if love looks like a simple conversation or sharing a meal?

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