May 19, 2019


Day 1: Read Mark 1: 1-15.What’s going on here, voices from heaven, spirit birds, and talking with the devil in the desert. Its easy to read a passage like this and think, “I know this story,” and miss how reality altering this is. In the midst of everyone’s mundane lives, something is happening that will change everything. Heaven breaks through and the impossible starts becoming reality. People were doing their normal everyday life, and this John the Baptist guy shows up proclaiming that something incredible was about to happen. Get ready! Repent, confess your sins and seek forgiveness. Someone is coming who will cleanse you with the Holy Spirit Himself. The Son of God has arrived as one of us, and His Kingdom reign is happening now. Take some time to reflect. What does this story have to do with your life here and now, how you live and relate with God and others? Is it true? and if it is, what does it mean for us?

Day 2: Read Mark 1:9-12.Jesus was baptized by John and lead into the wilderness for forty days. A Jewish person of that day would have thought of the Exodus, God’s delivering Israel from Egyptian slavery. Just as Moses lead Israel through the waters of the Red Sea to wander in the wilderness for forty years, Jesus passes through the waters of baptism and is lead into the wilderness for forty days. Something was happening here. God’s Kingdom plan of rescue and deliverance was continuing. All of history was leading up to this moment when God’s own Son would deliver us from the bondage of sin and death and usher in His Kingdom way of living and relating. Jesus was baptized and tested in the wilderness to prepare Him. Up until now, Jesus had lived a quiet life as a carpenter’s son, but now something new was beginning. What if He stopped there, treated it as a point of arrival and was satisfied? What if Jesus thought, “that was cool, and went back to his normal life?” What would we have missed out on? What would all of history missed out on? Is there “an arrival mentality” at risk of showing up in your life of following Jesus? Where are you at risk of resting in the relationship you have with Christ? Is there no next step? 

Day 3: Read Mark 1:9-15.We just celebrated the Easter season. Many around the world practice Lent leading up to Easter. Traditionally, Lent is a forty-day season reflecting the forty days Jesus spent in the wilderness. Lent is designed to test us, sharpen us, and prepare our hearts for celebrating Resurrection. Yet, we can get through the Easter season and think to our selves, “that was cool, back to life as normal.” What if the practice of Lent and Easter itself was intended to shape how we live everyday? What if we haven’t arrived yet? What if Easter just marks the beginning? Take out a piece of paper, and make a list. What new things might God be calling you to? What work has He been preparing? What difficult thing might you be avoiding? 

Day 4: Read Mark 1:12-19. It is springtime. The birds are back and flowers are blooming. Spring is a season of new life. It’s also a season of milestones and transitions. Kids graduate and go off to college or seek their first job. They leave their parent’s homes, get married, move to new cities, meet new people, and begin their adult lives. It can be a bitter-sweet time. Saying goodbye to old friends or boxing up your kid’s belongings to take them to college can be difficult. It can also be easy for us to think, “We made it. No more testing. No more homework. No more driving kids to...” Yet, there is danger in thinking we have arrived. It can lead us to a passivity that lulls us into inaction. What milestones are you going through in this season? Each is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with God or to drift from Him. As you move forward to what’s next, commit to following Jesus? Use the milestones that lay ahead to discover new ways to worship, relate with others, and to serve. 

Day 5: Read Mark 1:19. James and John left everything to follow Jesus. At this moment, their lives changed forever. Ever wonder how Zebedee felt. They were his boys, his workers, maybe his future. No more daily breakfasts or fishing together. This was better for his kids. Maybe he knew that. However, he must have mourned at what he had lost. Transitions can be hard. A year ago my Father-n-law dies. My Mother-n-law is a wonderful Godly woman, but I know she struggles to understand how she could possibly move forward now that her life has changed so drastically. However, there is good news. To my mother-in-law, to Zebedee, to the empty nesters that say good bye to their children, to the young man or woman setting off to begin their new life, Jesus says, “Follow Me.” We’re not alone. Jesus, the Son of God, calls us to relationship with Himself. He says, “Come live your life with Me.” What is your next step in living your life “with” Jesus? 

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