May 5, 2019



Day 1. Mark 1: 2-3: ‘It is written in Isaiah the prophet: ‘I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way’ – a voice of one calling in the desert, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him’. Over 500 years before Jesus would show up, the Prophet Isaiah is telling us that a King is coming. He’s telling us how different or unexpected the One who is coming is and will be, how everything we know or thought we knew will be changing. That His kingdom’s ways will be so unexpected, someone will be needed to come before him to help us take it all in. Are you still able to be surprised by Jesus and His Kingdom’s ways? What has surprised you recently about Jesus and living as a Christ-follower?   


Day 2. Mark 1:2 ‘I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way’. This unusual figure, John, begins to proclaim a new King is coming, and the people should take notice and prepare themselves for His reign – for this new reality. In the US we elect a president in November, and they take office toward the end of January. We have real-time coverage of the election and the administrations transition into office. At the time this was written, when a new King took the throne, a proclamation would be made throughout the Kingdom. It was news as well as a call to the people to prepare themselves to live under the new King’s reign. This is the call of John the Baptist, to repent, to prepare for the new reality that is coming. What goes into your preparation to live in Jesus’ Kingdom’s ways each day? What would or could that look like? Take 5-10 minutes and pray. Ask God to reveal areas in your life where you need a change. Is there someone you are in conflict with, an attitude you are holding, a sin you are hiding? Let John’s words sink into your heart. Prepare the way for the Lord!  


Day 3. John appears to lead one of the more selfless lives in all of scripture, and lived well, lived with purpose, significance, and meaning. John discovered ways to switch his loyalties and focus from himself to Jesus. Can you see or identify areas or patterns in your life where this is an ongoing struggle for you? What do you recall from your prayer time yesterday? Continue to pray for God to show you an area of your life where your loyalties and focus are still tied to holding on to your life and ways and for Him to point you to a step or discipline that might be of help. Who in your life could honestly and lovingly help you to see areas of selfishness? When can you talk with them next?  


Day 4. In the early 2000’s a book came out titled “Leading from the Second Chair”. It was a book for the majority of us who are not the primary leader in the organization we serve, team we are on, or the purpose we are pursuing. John is the embodiment of a second chair leader. A clear leader, who works toward a purpose and vision, who understands he is not the primary person, but works and serves both his leader and his leader’s purpose. John was a servant. When we talk about the serve commitment around here, Johns posture and attitude is a great example to us. He knew he had a significant role to play, a contribution to make, but it didn’t become about him, it was about helping others know Jesus and calling them to prepare to live in Jesus’ Kingdom’s ways. Describe what it means “it’s all about me.” When do you recognize that mentality in your own life?  


Day 5. How does serving play out in your life? Can you point to regular examples in the different parts of your day and week where you focused on helping someone else? Pull out a sheet a paper or write in your journal examples where you are regularly making it about others rather than yourself. Are these actions bringing you closer to God meaning do you feel more alive? Or is this serving draining or frustrating? Why is that so?  

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