June 23, 2019


It’s Time To Get Up!

Day 1: Read Mark 1:29-31. Take notice of the characteristics of discipleship shown by Simon, Andrew, James and John. They were not only with Jesus, but their time with Him produced dependence upon Him – such that they immediately looked to Him to help Simon’s mother-in-law, who was ill. Where do you immediately turn when you have a need? Is your time with Jesus just on Sunday? Do you leave Him at church and move on? Or do you relate to Him in your everyday life? Ask God to open your eyes this week to opportunities to invite Jesus into the everyday details of life this week.  


Day 2: Read Mark 1:32-35. Do you ever find yourself starting the day saying, “I have so much on my plate I don’t know where to start?” It’s during these times that we need to be reminded that, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.” (Isaiah 40:31.) Jesus modeled waiting upon His Father. Despite busyness and fatigue due to days filled with ministry, he got up while it was still dark in order to go pray. To Jesus, prayer was His first work and not His last attempt. Begin to think about practical steps you can take to make prayer the priority of each day. Which of these steps will you take today? What would it look like to take that step? What do you need or who do you need to help you take this step?  


Day 3: As we think about the priority of prayer each day, if we follow Jesus’ example, we need to not only have the discipline to get up, but we need a place to go. Jesus got away to a secluded place where the sounds and busyness were gone and He was alone. What place have you designated for meeting with God? For some people it’s outdoors, maybe on a patio or deck. Others have a favorite room they look forward to meeting God in as they open His Word, sit in silence, or listen. Jesus desired to hear the voice of God and so He placed Himself in an environment that helped free Him from distractions. Find your place this week. Make a place and a time that begins to become your and God’s meeting place.  


Day 4: Read Mark 1:36-37. The demands of life will always be a threat to our time with God. We can allow the needs of children or other relatives, work and even ministry to hinder our prayers and time with God. Yet, even with everyone looking for Him, Jesus did not let others’ demands upon Him keep Him from time with the Father. Is your priority to know God? Imagine trying to deepen a relationship with a spouse or other family member without ever talking? It can’t happen. So, what boundaries could you set this week to protect your time with God? Is there an activity you might need to interrupt to make room for prayer? What would it be like to let that activity go? What do you imagine would happen? Would you be willing this week to try it and see if what you imagine is what actually happens?   


Day 5: Read Mark 1:38-39 Notice Jesus’ response to His disciples when they said, “Everyone is looking for You”. His answer reflected a focus on His purpose: to preach the gospel. Prayer influenced the movement of His day and the trajectory of His life, because He came to do the Father’s will. God’s will for us is to look like Jesus. (Rom. 8:29; 2 Cor. 3:18) We can’t be transformed into the likeness of Christ apart from the Holy Spirit working in our lives and through time in God’s Word and prayer. What can you do to incorporate God’s Word into your prayer time? Perhaps it’s reflecting on passages from the sermon or small group study for the week. Maybe it’s reciting memorized verses and asking God to help you apply them to life. Regardless, ask God to speak to you clearly through His Word as you pray this week.  

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