June 9, 2019


Be Filled

Monday:Read Mark 1:7-8 & John 3:26-30.John the Baptist, in Mark 1:7-8, understands he is not the main character in this story. John has grasped the idea, “He must become greater; I must become less.” Relinquishing control is a critical step in beginning a journey of allowing the Spirit to lead toward a path of growth. This is an acceptance that as the Spirit comes in, the person gives up control. This is not the same as two partners coming together with 50-50 control but of one owner selling to a new, more deserving owner and steadily following their lead. Take time to reflect to see where your heart is with this. Do you find yourself following, or continuing to negotiate for control?

Tuesday:Read Mark 1:8.John is very clear about what he and Jesus are both offering in this verse. The Old Testament promises a time where God will live with His people. John is saying the time for this has finally come. He uses the symbolism of being baptized to illustrate this good news. His baptisms in water represent repentance, a change of mind, by going into the water as their old self and coming out of the water as someone on a journey of following. He draws a distinction between this baptism in water and being baptized in the Spirit. Jesus’ baptism in the Holy Spirit is not a visual representation of anything, but instead a fulfillment of God’s promise that one day He will live amongst his people. 

Wednesday:The Gospel of Mark begins, not ends, with John speaking of God’s Spirit in us. Sometimes we talk or think of the goal of the Gospels as leading us to accept Jesus as Savior. Surely that is part of the Gospels, it’s just not the whole story. Mark has placed the significance of the Holy Spirit in our lives at the beginning because the Holy Spirit’s indwelling is the beginning of knowing and becoming like Christ. Our journey with God does not become complete once the Spirit enters into us, but instead it begins as the spirit that is inside of us begins to work His way through us. Jesus’ life is depicted by four different books to give us a living example of what a Spirit filled life looks like. As followers of Jesus, we have the power of the Holy Spirit in us. But like any relationship, our trusting and learning to lean on and hear the Spirit’s guidance and care for us takes intentional time to develop. There are steps to discover and take. It is not enough to just be given the ingredients to bake a cake, we must actually put the ingredients together and follow through in baking the cake. What is a step for you in learning to listen to and relate with the Spirit in your life? 

Thursday:To be transformed in how we think, feel, and act is the sovereign work of God through His spirit, requiring constant focus and attention on our part. Jesus believed whole-heartedly that change was not only possible, but that it was necessary for us to live the kind of lives available to us. It does not have to wait. The idea that we need the Spirit in us to be saved and one day go to heaven would be foreign to Jesus and diminish not only His life and teaching, but our lives as well. Jesus wants more from us and for us in this life. How are you actively learning to listen to the Spirit, to know Jesus and to bring His teaching to life in your life? Do you see the fruit of His Spirit growing in you? Do you see peace, patience, kindness, compassion, love growing in you and how you think of and relate with others? 

Friday:Having God with us through His Spirit makes real transformation possible. The Spirit leads us to know Jesus, and transforms us to become more like Him. But what does that really look like? It looks like taking steps. Just as Day 3 mentions, the Spirit entering us is just the beginning of who we can become. What steps might the Spirit be leading you to explore and take? Is it knowing Jesus more deeply, what He said, how He related with people, what He seemed to care about, how He lived, to know Him relationally? Is this a step of beginning daily prayer and studying? Beginning to see people through a lens of loving and serving them? Listen to what the Spirit might be trying to help you see in you, and a step He is leading you to take. Do you have community that encourages and holds you all accountable to living out His Kingdom ways?

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