July 28, 2019


This week’s devotional is different from our regular format. We are going to be guided to study scripture by the “Observation Study” method. As with any devotional, don’t let it confine you. The purpose of any devotional is to invite you into a conversation with God. Don’t be afraid to explore different texts, give yourself permission to ask questions and let the Holy Spirit give you counsel. 


Steps to the Observation Study Method. 

Let’s study a passage of scripture related to Sunday’s message on Hope. Hebrews 6:13-19


Step 1 Pray:Begin with prayer asking the Holy Spirit to help you to understand the passage, discern the author’s intent and be open to what God may want you to learn and incorporate into your daily life. In Jesus’ own words, the Spirit is our teacher (John 14:26). 


Step 2 Read & Observe:Read Hebrews 6:13-19. Read it again, slowly. Write down all of the things that you observe about this passage. What is the author talking about? Add any questions that you may have. Do you know anything about this book? Who is the audience? Do you know why it was written? If you have a study Bible, review the book introduction. Consider what you know about Abraham. What promise did God make to Abraham? Here are a couple of questions to help you as you observe this passage. 

What is the author trying to explain about oaths? 

What does this passage say about the character of God? 

Write down all the observations you can. 


Step 3 Interpret:Now let’s consider the point the author is making. What is the point of this passage? Why is this an important promise? What do we learn about God? What does this passage teach us about hope? One word of caution with interpretation. Be careful not to read into this passage that which is not there! How does what you learn about this passage align with other passages or truths that you know about God? If you are unsure about an interpretation, ask your small group leader or one of the LSCC’s pastor. 


Step 4 Application:What impact does or could this message have for us today? What is your personal response? Seek to find personal application to your life, your attitudes, behaviors, and faith. 

Here are a few other passages on the topic of hope for you as you go through your week. Use the observation method when studying these verses. Consider the power of the hope we can have through trusting in and depending upon Jesus. 


Romans 5:1-5

Ephesians 1:15-20

Colossians 1:26-29

I Peter 1:3-9 


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