September 29, 2019


Day 1:  Two weeks ago, we talk about community. Reread Acts 2:42-47. We “broke bread” and enjoyed great fellowship on Food Truck Sundayat LSCC. We huddled in conversation during the service. How did those moments impact your life? Did you take the opportunity to commune with others? In the weeks since, have you made a priority to live your life in the present, eyes up, and engaged with others? If not, what’s stopping you from reaching out and committing to other followers as well? Take some time to ponder how you can become closer to those around you at LSCC and throughout your daily life.   


Day 2:  This week, Cory taught on Mark 5:21-43. Read the story of Jairus and the sick woman and their encounters with Jesus. Both take great risk in their lives to come to Jesus for help. Jairus is a high ranking member of the synagogue. By asking for help from Jesus, Jairus could lose his job, his position in the community, everything. He chooses to put those things aside to trust that Jesus can save his ill daughter. The sick woman in the scripture also takes great risk. She would’ve been considered unclean because of her bleeding condition. Although, she wanted to stay under the radar, by touching Jesus, she exposed herself publicly which could’ve ended in much ridicule. Both people, at polar ends of the political/socioeconomic spectrum, put aside their fear of imperiling themselves; they risked trusting Jesus. They trusted his works. They trusted the power of Christ. In what way are you willing to put your complete trust in the Lord despite the risk along the way? 


Day 3:  Jairus’ daughter is near death when he asked Jesus to “put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live.” (verse 23).Jesus asked for nothing in return. Jesus didn’t question the man’s earnestness. But Jesus stopped mid-stream because of his other encounter. What did Jairus do? Did he question Jesus? No. He could’ve said, “Jesus, forget that woman. She is nothing. My daughter is dying. We don’t have time.” Instead, Jairus kept his faith. Even when he found out his daughter had died, he kept his trust and faith in Jesus. Jairus witnessed a resurrection. Do you trust in the Lord when things don’t go as planned? How do you respond when your hopes are not fulfilled? What does it look like to trust even when disappointed? 


Day 4:  The sick woman in the story suffers from chronic bleeding. She was shameful, embarrassed, and most likely shunned by the community. But, Jesus showed mercy. Jesus healed her. “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be free from your suffering.” (verse 34) Jesus’ compassion to the woman shows how merciful and loving God is. When Jesus encountered her, he chose being merciful to the person over the rules of his religion. He’s walking with a high-ranking member of the rigid synagogue, but he stops to help the lowest of the community. Jesus is helping both people not because of who they are or who they are not, but because it is His nature/character to do so. In our lives, there have been times where we are Jairus. There have been times in our lives when we are bleeding woman in the street. Jesus is there for us always through any of our circumstances. Through our faith, we have access to Jesus. Pray over times in your life when you felt closest to Jesus. Pray over the times you most needed Jesus help, but you didn’t feel worthy. How did you feel about Jesus in both situations? Where was your faith in the highest of times and lowest of times? 


Day 5:  God’s sense of timing will confound us. Unanswered prayers, changes in plans, and disappointments might cause us to question God. “Where are you Lord? Have you forgotten me?” Do we become angry? Does our faith waiver? The timing of His grace rarely operates according to our schedule. It’s not, ‘I will not be hurried even though I love you’, but, ‘I will not be hurried because I love you; and I know what I’m doing.’ Jesus invites you to come to Him. He is never too busy. Faith is trusting that He is good and faith makes it right to submit to Him even resting in the reality that God is with us even in the down times. Take some time to evaluate your prayers to God. Are you submitting your requests to him, and are you trusting his power/timing in what you receive? Do you have the faith of Jairus? Do you have the trembling awe of the sick woman?