He Leads Me

Week of February 18

Psalm 23

He Leads Me

Day 1: Read Psalm 23:2 out loud. Notice how the Lord as Shepherd knows how to make David rest when he needs it. Often our view is to live life to its fullest until we’re physically and mentally exhausted. We are starving for rest. Even our vacations are filled with must-sees and have-to-dos. Yet God’s view for us is to rest in Him each day so that we can truly live. Read Mark 6:30-32. How do Jesus’ words to his disciples speak to you on the difference between doing and being? We all like a big God that conquers, but we also need a comforting God that refreshes. What action step can you take this week to break away from the world’s busyness, recognize the lack within your own soul, and just rest in Him? 


Day 2: To lead means to guide or bring along. Jesus, our Shepherd, is not behind us yelling “Go!” He is ahead of us bidding us to, “Come.” Cory shared Sunday how sheep that are pushed tend to scatter while those being led recognize and respond to a trusted voice. The first emphasizes movement, the second fosters relationship. Are you responding to God relationally as He bids you to “come”? Now think of how this translates to how we can become more like Jesus when we deal with others. How are you leading the people God has given you to lead – are you pushing them to move or are you leading as Jesus would through peace, patience, kindness, love, forgiveness and care? Are those you shepherd a means to an end or lives entrusted to you to help steward toward a reliance on God? 


Day 3: Close your eyes and think of green pastures and still waters. What picture pops to mind? Most likely it’s a favorite location or activity filled with peace, rest and satisfaction. Now compare this picture to the messiness of day-to-day life. How many times in scripture does Jesus remind us there will be trouble, that life will be a struggle? How do those times contrast with the picture of peace you had in mind? Think of Jesus’ own life on this earth. He lost friends and family, was betrayed, arrested, beaten, faced injustice and suffered a painful death. Yet, his last words on the cross were “Father, into your hands I commit my Spirit.” Luke 23:46. He knew and trusted the goodness of a Good Father. What do you have in your life to remind you of your Good Shepherd when troubles hit? A small group? Prayer? Quiet time with scripture? One-on-one time with an accountability partner? Remember your go-to choice the next time you need help bringing God’s perspective and His peace and rest into the troubling circumstances you face. 


Day 4: Cory shared from Phillip Keller’s book “A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23” that four realities prevent sheep from experiencing green pastures and quiet waters. Fear, friction within the flock, flies and other irritations, and lack of food. The presence of a good shepherd alleviates these issues, allowing his sheep to rest. Like sheep, we face these realities in our lives. Read John 10:14-16. What do these words tell you about the type of relationship Jesus wants with you? How does this knowing you are known by Him help you rest better in the understanding you have a Good Shepherd ready to deal with the fear, friction, flies and famine you face? Share some thoughts or emotions you experience in your small group or with a friend. 


Day 5: To be led, we must be willing to follow. Like Cory shared in the first week, Americans bridle at being compared to sheep. Timid? Dumb? Defenseless? Come on! This is the country of John Wayne and Rambo. But Jesus is not demanding we follow Him. The choice is ours. He pursues us, like the Good Shepherd He is. Not just once and awhile, but constantly.

What in your life, your choices, your attitudes are holding you back from trusting the rest that Jesus offers? The culture pushes us to be busy, perform, produce and achieve. Does your daily rest and rhythm match the rhythm of our culture or the rhythm of God? God wants to lead us to green pastures and quiet waters. Find a quiet place today to reflect on how the rhythm of your life keeps you away from this peace. Ask the Good Shepherd to tend to your heart, to care for your needs. Get in line with His rhythm and see where He takes you.   

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