Week of May 6

Reactions to the Resurrection


Day 1: Senioritis - getting a glimpse of the next season but stuck in a current reality. How many days left before graduation? Of course, you know. But senioritis isn’t just for those graduating. We all still experience a senioritis feeling at times. Consider car shopping. Sitting behind the wheel in the showroom, you instantly notice that new car smell. Everything is clean, shiny and fancy. The seat heater is awesome! When it is time to return your old car all of the sudden it smells worse and you notice you don’t even have floormats anymore. Whether it is school, a new car, a different job or whatever, there is a real force pulling us to the next season. But right now we are stuck in the waiting period. Is it more or less difficult to wait when you know the season ahead? Read Acts 1:4-9. Did you catch the senioritis there? Jesus told His disciples to wait for the gift of the Holy Spirit who will help them during the next season. The disciples’ response - they were looking for something different. They thought they knew the future. Do you feel stuck in a current reality seeing the next season on your horizon? Give some words to it. Do you have fear and anxiety about the future? Do you find yourself complaining about the present? Have you given yourself permission to slack off? How is being stuck affecting your heart or attitude today?  

Day 2: Sometimes we can find ourselves in circumstances beyond our control leaving us perturbed. Maybe we’ve even thrown in the towel and are just going through the motions. Being in that state of mind makes it easy to long for something else. For you, maybe it is looking for the next thing or holding on to what you once had. Either way, it’s easy to recognize not being mentally or emotionally present in a current situation. Not being present plays out in many ways. We spend most of our time, effort, thoughts or energy on what we think will happen. Yet doing so, we are in danger of missing God. More often God uses our pain and struggle to show us more of Him and of who He wants us to become. If you are stuck today, what are some ways God could use this current situation? How open areyou to hearing and following Him at this time? Write out some possible learning He desires for you. During this season is joy, contentment, kindness, forgiveness, and love present? Do you think Jesus is more concerned about your heart or your future?  

Day 3: Read Jonah 4. Expectations: the act or state of expecting or being in anticipation. When our expectations are not met, when things don’t turn out the way we thought they were supposed to, we often wonder why. There is nothing wrong with asking the tough questions. But when you get the tough questions answered and you don’t like the answer, what do you do with that? Do we close the book on the subject? This is why community is so important. Some of us are wired to trust our own thoughts more and not seek a second opinion. When doing so, we become more certain of ourselves. Being in community with others challenges us. Do you have all of the answers about why you are stuck today? What are they? Have you discussed them with others you trust? Do you look for agreement or are you open to their opinion without judgment? 

Day 4: Waiting. It can be easy to coast when we near the end of a semester, a job, or a task. Have you said, “I’ll get serious when the next season arrives” or “Life is going to be so much better when ____” . But is that what God wants for you? Or does He want to give you something more? In the book, The Principle of the Path, Andy Stanley states, "Direction NOT intention determines destination." People don’t decide their future. They decide their habits and their habits decide their future. What current habits are deciding your future? Share your thoughts with a friend.  

Day 5: Read Psalms 37:23-24; Psalms 147:10-11. Get out a pad of paper to help you answer some of these questions. Ask God - What do you want to do in me or through me in this season? Am I putting more hope in my next season over God? How can I better prepare for the next season? Does God want to prune something in me? Where am I comparing my season with another and how does that hurt me? What does comparison do to my heart? Is that the kind of person I want to be? Pray for a change within your own heart instead of a change in your situation and find comfort in these verses in the Psalms.  

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