broken people

Week of November 19

Broken People, Faithful God

Spirit of Worship

Day 1. Cory’s sermon on Sunday revolved around the Spirit of worship and how despite facing overwhelming circumstances, Gideon chose to first worship before “doing it afraid.” God’s first assignment for him is sobering (Judges 6:25-27). He calls Gideon to destroy the altar to the false idol, Baal, that his father owned and then sacrifice their family’s prized seven-year-old bull as an offering. What's the point in telling us this? If you want to learn how to trust God, you must first set your own house in order. Before God can use you mightily, He must be magnified in your own life, in your own home. Private worship prepares us for public power from God. There are no short cuts. So, is there an idol you’ve been holding on to? A reoccurring problem or trial that you’ve failed at in the past? A family situation that seems hopeless? Confess these circumstances to God and ask Him to move mightily in your life. Then be ready to act in faith, clothed by the Spirit of the Lord (Colossians 3:12-14). 

Day 2.  God’s second assignment for Gideon seems even more challenging. Read Judges 7:1-15. We see in these verses God systematically reducing Gideon’s force from 32,000 to 300. Yet, despite being outnumbered 450 to 1, Gideon chooses to bow in worship before the victory. Why? Gideon knew then what Jesus would share later in Luke 18:27: “What is impossible with men is possible with God.” Armed with God’s plan of trumpets, torches and jars, Gideon’s army victoriously threw the Midianite masses into disarray. God is looking to glorify Himself on earth through people who are fully dependent on Him. People who believe He is with them and are ready to charge the hill in the name of the Lord. God doesn’t need our majority vote to move mountains. In fact, He doesn’t even need us. Yet He invites us to join Him. What circumstantial army are you facing today that needs God’s strength? Can you sense His presence with you now, urging you to trust Him? Pray and ask if there is anything holding you back from trusting Him with your circumstances today. Choose to worship Him rather than to stare at the army you’re facing.  

Day 3. Our vision at LSCC is to take steps to be more like Jesus. Worship is one of the three core commitments, along with Community and Serve, for seeing this vision come alive in ourselves and the lives of others. Worship is about re-centering ourselves on God and His perspectives, including participation in the weekend worship services. But becoming more Christ-like means worshipping like Jesus did. It wasn’t just something He did once a week, but an integral part of His life. What is taking precedence in your life over giving regular worship to God? What keeps you from altering your priorities to spend more time with Him? Consider discussing with a friend or your small group.  

 Day 4.  Last week Cory defined the Hebrew word labash as an “everyday act of putting on a garment.”  He challenged us to take a shirt and write down the areas in our life where we need to be clothed by the Spirit. What words would be hanging in Gideon’s closet at the beginning of Judges 6? Read Judges 6:15 for a clue. Gideon was just an ordinary man. He had no clue God could work miracles through him. What words would be on the back of your shirt? One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves is that God only uses special people. If you are a born-again believer, you are God's child (John 1:12), His friend (John 15:15), and His masterpiece (Eph. 2:10). Like Gideon, you’re a one-of-kind person with a story already authored by God to win more for His kingdom. Do you see yourself as He does? He sees a masterful work with a specific mission to fulfill. Will you believe that today? If so, consider the spiritual clothing you can put on to live out this trust.  

Day 5. To worship God is to be submissive to Him. Where are you not submitting to God through worship and prayer and trying to do it your own way? Give God the wheel and let him drive for a change. The ride might not feel as comfortable at first, but the more you submit to His control, the greater the transformation you’ll achieve. As we’ve learned in Judges, success is determined by God's power, not ours. Declare your dependence on Him in prayer throughout today and on Sunday during corporate worship. Experience the joy of having Him direct your thoughts, words, and actions.  

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