FALL 2018: FAQ


When will Life Groups in homes begin/where will they be held?

Each life group will begin discussing with their leaders this Summer on which night of the week/time that they will meet for their life group. This decision will be made by what is best for their specific schedules. The schedule of all life group locations/dates/times will be posted on the website by August 16th 2018.


What will Sunday Mornings look like?

We are so excited to have a place designated and designed for the students at LSCC. On Sunday Mornings, there will be opportunities for every student who walks in the door to feel a part of “LSCC STUDENTS”.  Student ministry staff, volunteers, as well as as students will all be there to welcome and greet students, form relationships, as well as help students get plugged into the ministry and the events.


What are Rush Nights?

Rush nights will be held on the second Wednesday of every month (see calendar for complete list of dates) from 7:30-9:00. Rush nights are going to be a high-energy night for all of LSCC student ministry to come together for fun, worship, community, and fellowship. Every element that will be included into RUSH nights has been designed with students in mind. Every Rush night will consist of a theme, with food, games, videos, and prizes that correlate with this theme. Another element that we are very excited is to include is student testimonies. We believe students benefit from hearing from their peers, and we are looking forward to allowing students to speak on what God is doing in their lives every month. As well as having students share, there will be a short message discussing the topics that have been discussed on Sunday mornings at LSCC, as well as what students have been discussing in their life groups. We believe that this approach will provide us with a very unified students ministry and church body as a whole.


Is there going to be anything specific for Middle School and High School students?

Yes! Through the school year, we are going to be implementing events that are specific for Middle and High School Students. Although students will have opportunities to interact with their peers on Sunday mornings, RUSH nights, and in their life groups, we believe that by adding events into the schedule this will continue to foster and grow their communities/relationships. These events will be announced closer to the Fall.