Since 2010, LSCC has been building a relationship with the community of San Pedro Sula and its surrounding communities. At LSCC we wanted to partner with the church in SPS and come alongside them, their vision and goals to help their community. We have found this method has brought more glory to the kingdom than we could have expected.

We were able to put our ideas aside and let God lead. As we have done this we have found that many times we are on the same page as the local leadership in Honduras. We have built 6 homes, a tortilla factory, 2 CDI’s, painted schools, painted orphanages, put roofs and ceiling on school, put in water towers and helped schools get running water.

All of these projects we have partnered with the local community to help built up the church and the kingdom of God. Since 2010 we have sent several short term missions teams and in 2015 we sent a full-time missionary. What is happening in Honduras is bigger than we can expect or imagine and we want you to be involved. 


Children's development center (cdi)

CDI or Children’s Development Center (by the Spanish acronym) is broken into three different programs Basic (first – third graders), Intermediate (fourth – sixth graders), and Vocational (Seventh – Ninth graders). CDI is a program providing education, lunch and basic medical care (including simple health and nutrition skills). In the CDI we focus on three areas;

1.    Refinement and Reinforcement of education in Spanish, Math, Writing, and Reading,

2.     Biblical and Gospel teaching

3.     A basic level of English.

While students are in the CDI program the church works to establish a connection with the Public School the students attend and the students’ families and communities through the programs and projects in the Fundación, SPS. We host Bible Studies for Mothers of CDI Students, Medical Clinics and invite families to join us at church services. CDI is a stepping stone for our churches to engage in its surrounding community. We want to invest in a generational change for each community. Our focus is Intentional Community Development with transformational change not just transactions.

Sponsor a student

Contact Audrey Lanier if interested at allanier423@gmail.com

We are praying and asking you to partner with us by sponsoring a student for $50 per month. In Fundación, San Pedro Sula, Honduras we have 2 CDI Programs; La Lima and Los Cruces. We currently have 30 students in La Lima 2nd and 3rd grade. In Los Cruces we have 15 students in 1st grade. We also have a school programs called Transforming Lives where we have 4th, 5th, and 6th graders totaling 30 students. Out of our 75 students we have 30 students sponsored. When you sponsor a student in CDI or Transforming Lives for $50 a month you will be stepping into Kingdom Work. In the programs we work on education, nutrition, health skills and faith. We encourage our sponsors to build connections with your kiddos by sending pictures and letters! 


We do many different small projects that have a huge impact on the Kingdom and our work in Honduras. We build walls, water towers and pumps, paint building and classrooms, fix ceilings and roofs, help build tortilla factories and small houses. I am sure the list will continue to expand as we listen to the whispers of God asking us to help out in this small way so he will be able to continue the work. When he can trust us with the small he can trust us with the mighty.

Home Projects: is directed towards church members and CDI families. Fundación, SPS has partners; LSCC and Cedar Creek who have built 8 homes since 2000. Home Project supports families in need of a livable home, who have land to build and paperwork for the land. When we build a home we are not only fulfilling the need of a roof, we are also providing a place where new believers can come to grow in God’s word, and to show his love to others. We are about transformational, relationship ministry. After we build a home for a family we continue to invest in their life so that they can find people in their community to try and invest in as well. The harvest is ripe; the workers are few.

If you are interest in an upcoming Missions Trip please email the leader of that trip or Audrey Lanier @ allanier423@gmail.com

Medical Missions Trips: Currently in Honduras only 2.8% of the population has access to medical insurance. The rest use the Public Hospital System which is highly deficient due to lack of doctors and medicine. We found that taking medical attention to our developing church communities is a great way to meet the needs. Medical Missions Trips are received with great joy in all of our developing church communities especially because we see children and elderly people. Also every person that attends our clinic receives the medicine they need and the gospel is shared with them.

Medical Missions Fund: In order to continue hosting Medical Clinics we need to have partners for these medical Missions Trips. We need the doctors and nurses to come and see the patients and give out the medicine. We also need people to help us by giving financial resources so we can continue to purchase the medicine for these trips!


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Upcoming trips

Medical Trip- September 22-28.  Desired skills are nurses, medics, NP’s, or Physicains.  Estimated cost is $1600. Contact Shawn Morkert shawn.morkert@gmail.com