Since 2010, LSCC has been building a relationship with the GCLA church and has come alongside the vision and mission of the Fundación in San Pedro Sula (SPS), Honduras. As we put our own ideas aside and trust in God, cultural barriers have been broken, projects have been accomplished and people have been brought to the Kingdom of God.

We have partnered with the local community to help build up the church and God's Kingdom through several short-term missions teams and, in 2015, a full-time missionary, Audrey Lanier. What is happening in Honduras is bigger than we can expect or imagine and we want you to be involved. 

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Fundación Mission: Fundación (Foundation) is a ministry in Great Commission Church, San Pedro Sula, designed to help our neighbor in need leaving in them and their community the testimony of the love of Jesus Christ.

Fundación Vision: In agreement with Great Commission Church, San Pedro Sula’s Vision 2020, by the Year 2020 we will have a Community Development Program (CDP) in every established church in the Northwestern Region of Honduras to serve as a link to help its community.

LSCC’s Focus: Sending missions trips and sponsoring Children’s Development Center (CDI) students in order to create ripple effects to continue our missions and vision of having a CDI in every established church building into the Kingdom of God in Honduras.

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Building Missions Trips

Oct. 22-27 Email: Tim Roberts Register

Student Missions Trips:

June, 2020 Email: Kevin Hartman


Fundación creates a partnership with local public schools to determine which children would benefit the most from the program. CDI is a stepping stone designed to help us invest in each community through community development and heart transformation. CDI (by the Spanish acronym) is broken into three different programs Basic(first – third grades), Intermediate(fourth – sixth grades), and Vocational(Seventh – Ninth grades). We currently have two CDI’s. La Lima CDI consists of three classrooms grades 2nd, 4thand 5th. And Los Cruces CDI consists of 1stand 3rdgrade. The CDI program focuses on four core values;

·      Nutrition Skills

·      Improving Education (Refinement and Reinforcement of education in Spanish, Math, Writing, and Reading)

·      Health and wellness skills

·      Biblical Values

You can be part of the program by sponsoring one of our students and build a personal relationship with the child you sponsor. 


When you sponsor a CDI student you get to step into the Kingdom work God is doing in Honduras. Sponsorship of $50 a month allows our CDI program to function in excellence. To receive more information about how to sponsor a child in the CDI email the Fundacion: Fundaciongrancomisioninfo@gmail.com

2019 CDI Programs:

  • La Lima, 15 kids per class - 2nd, 4th & 5th graders

  • Los Cruces, 15 kids per class, 1st and 3rd graders

  • Coming in 2020 CDI La Entrada Copan, 15 students, 1st grade

Los Cruces Medical Clinic

Since 2015, LSCC has sent medical teams to Los Cruces. These pop-up week-long medical clinics helped the Fundación take the next steps to do long term preventative care in the community. Through extended research by the Fundación Staff and the pop-up medical clinics, we discovered the major diseases faced in the community of Los Cruces and the surrounding communities is diabetes and hypertension.

Through the 2018 Christmas offering at LSCC the congregation generously gave to support phase one of three phases for the Medical Clinic Doctor Lul Janania in Los Cruces. On May 6th2019 the Fundación began building the clinic with a team of talented Honduran construction workers. They completed the building on July 2, 2019. LSCC sent a team of a strong, enthusiastic men one week in May to help in the building process as well. It was a week of encouragement, shared meals, hard work, lots of laughs and a few tears.  

The clinic will be financially accessible for the people in Los Cruces and the 11 surrounding communities. The Fundación hopes that it will also meet the remaining medical needs of the people in the communities. The short-term goals of the Clinic are to provide exceptional health care services to people who do not have it, at a minimal cost, reach more people with the gospel of grace and provide care for people with diabetes and hypertension. The long-term goas for the clinic are to contribute to the development and growth of the rural communities and to educate people in the communities about the importance of personal care.