Since 2010, LSCC has been building a relationship with the GCLA church and has come alongside the vision and mission of the Fundación in San Pedro Sula (SPS), Honduras. As we put our own ideas aside and trust in God, cultural barriers have been broken, projects have been accomplished and people have been brought to the Kingdom of God.

We have partnered with the local community to help build up the church and God's Kingdom through several short-term missions teams and, in 2015, a full-time missionary, Audrey Lanier. What is happening in Honduras is bigger than we can expect or imagine and we want you to be involved. 

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Fundación Mission: Fundación (Foundation) is a ministry in Great Commission Church, San Pedro Sula, designed to help our neighbor in need leaving in them and their community the testimony of the love of Jesus Christ.

Fundación Vision: In agreement with Great Commission Church, San Pedro Sula’s Vision 2020, by the Year 2020 we will have a Children's Development Center (CDI) in every established church in the Northwestern Region of Honduras to serve as a link to help its community.

Focus: Sending missions trips and sponsoring CDI kids to create ripple effects to continue our missions and vision of having a CDI in every established church.

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Medical Missions Trips:

Sept. 21 - 27 Email: Shawn Morkert Register  

Building Missions Trips

Oct. 15-20 Email: Mike DeBacker Register

Student Missions Trips:

June, 2020 Email: Kevin Hartman


Los Cruces Medical Clinic

God’s work and our story in Los Cruces began over 20 years ago with three women that were dedicated to prayer and had a passion to grow the kingdom of God. The culture of prayer is moving the next generation to reach out further to their neighbors.

Los Cruces is a part of 12 rural communities no different to the rest of the 51% of Honduras with very limited access to medical care. The estimated population is 34,000 people who have access to 4 private clinics and 2 public centers with a combined monthly capacity of 6000 patients. This leaves 78% of the population in the area without medical care.

Since 2015, LSCC has sent medical teams to the area. They have helped us to take the next step in doing more long term and preventative care. We know what are the major diseases faced in the communities because of the popup clinics and extended research.

In 2019 because of the generous gifts through the Christmas offering we are building a clinic that will be accessible and meet the needs of the people in the community. To keep updated on the progress make sure to receive our monthly newsletter.



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CDI (by the Spanish acronym) is broken into three different programs Basic (first – third graders), Intermediate (fourth – sixth graders), and Vocational (Seventh – Ninth graders). CDI provides:

  • Nutritional Lunches/Dietary supplements as needed

  • Academic support (Refinement and Reinforcement of education in Spanish, Math, Writing, and Reading)

  • Medical care (including health and nutrition skills, dental and vitamins)

  • Biblical Values (for the children and the families)

The church works to establish a connection between the local Public School to determine which children would benefit the most from the CDI. We also try to make a connection with students’ families and the communities through Bible Studies for Mothers of CDI Students, Medical Clinics and inviting families to join us at church services. CDI is a stepping stone for us invest in a generational change for each surrounding community. Our focus is Personal and Community Development with transformational change not just transactions.

You can be part of this project by sponsoring one of our Children. The best thing about sponsoring is building a personal relationship with the child you are sponsoring.

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We are praying and asking you to partner with us by sponsoring a student for $50 a month or $600 a year. When you sponsor a CDI student you step out of your comfort zone and into Kingdom work. This could be your next step in growing and becoming more like Jesus. To receive more information email: Fundaciongrancomisioninfo@gmail.com

2019 CDI Programs:

  • La Lima, 15 kids per class - 2nd, 4th & 5th graders

  • Los Cruces, 15 kids per class, 1st and 3rd graders