Date: June 15th-22nd

Cost: Estimated cost $1750

Type: Student Ministry Trip- investing in new community La Entrada-Copan



Current High School Student

Attends LSCC and student services regularly

Attend at least 3/4 training sessions held at LSCC

Must have U.S. Passport (takes 6 weeks to receive once application is submitted)


Our Partners

Mission Organization – Great Commission Latin America (

Church – Iglesia Gran Comision San Pedro Sula



This is a new community that our church in San Pedro Sula has recently planted and LSCC has the privelage of partnering within this new community.  LSCC has visited this community and through the partnership of the local church have establish three main areas of focus. First, spend time in the surrounding community of the church and build relationships with the people.  We will do this through the people of the church and organize daily interactions.  Secondly, the church is very excited about having students apart of their church and has asked for us to plan and create events that would invite students from their community into the church.  Lastly, each time the local church plants church we spend a great amount of time investing in the community and their education system.  We will be identify different projects for restoration within the school and will have this be our primary focus of work. 



Itinerary / Fare Basis: We have yet to determine flight but this is the two schedules

United: KCI 5:47 AM - 9:05 Houston - 11:27 San Pedro Sula

Delta: KCI: 5:55 AM - 9:42 Atlanta - 11:15 San Pedro Sula


Your safety is of utmost importance to us.  We will take every precaution that we can and will always have security with us outside the walls of our hotel, and the church.  We will never be alone and will be trained about culture norms. 



An AD&D and medical policy will be included in the cost of the trip provided through Great Commission Latin America (GCLA).  Insurance cards will be provided prior to departure.  If you would like to see specific details on the policy please contact Travis Bourbon one month before the trip.



We are staying in Copan.  The hotel will host 4 people per room and has ample space to meet as a group.  The hotel also offers an indoor pool and is in an enclosed location.  We will be 10-15 min away from all locations we will be visiting.