Now is the time to be inviting people to join your small group. Keep in mind when you are inviting or just talking about groups to ask questions, be aware of all of the groups we have available. We all know that our faith is meant to be lived in community with others. Check out all of the groups listed on our website, so you can help someone find a group even if it isn't your group. 

Start / Re-Launch a Small group

Looking to start a new small group or re-launch a previous group? Start the process by filling out this SIMPLE FORM.

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Small Group REsources

We have recently signed up with RightNow Media, which is an online subscription with 20,000 discipleship videos for kids, youth and adults. Click here.

We still have a library of resources. Look through an organized list of curriculum we have on hand at the church office. Organized by men, women and co-ed offerings.

Excel version (searchable)

PDF version


Group discussion questions - Last Sunday's message (click here)

5 Group Essentials Exercise (Click Here) 

Reserve Facilities (click here)