The phase when nothing you do is cool and what they feel right now matters most.

Leaving elementary school and going into middle school is a huge deal filled with emotions of excitement and anxiety for both parent and student. Not only is school different, but your middle-schooler is rapidly changing from child to tween/teen. We want to come along side as your middle schooler experiences this new phase.




6th Grade Step Up


transition from LSCC Kids to LSCC students - 6th grade step up

Your child is ready and prepared to leave the kids programming behind and begin to be challenged further with subject-matter that is more challenging and geared toward their age. We will celebrate this transition with your child at 6th Grade Step Up Sunday. This is a special Sunday set aside to both introduce and welcome your child into the next phase of ministry. You and your 6th grade child will start hearing about Step Up Sunday in early spring of their 6th grade year.




Peers and friends mean more and more as your middle schooler gets older. Beginning in middle school, your middle schooler will begin to attend LSCC Students services as well as continue in a small group or "Life Group" with other kids in their same grade. They will continue with this small group of students through their senior year of high school.




Many middle-schoolers make the decision to follow Christ in middle school and have the desire to get baptized. We want to celebrate this decision with you and your middle schooler. If your middle schooler has expressed an interest in baptism, fill out the form below so we can get the conversation going.

If you have a middle schooler interested in baptism, contact Jeremy Lanning, LSCC Students Pastor, at