March 3, 2019

By Faith

Recovering Stolen Property*

*Due to the cancellation of the Sunday, March 3rd service, this devotional will follow the March 10th service. If you have started working through this week’s devotional, see it as preparation for the coming Sunday. You have a unique opportunity to prepare yourself for this Sunday’s message.

Day 1: A life of faith is found in coming to Jesus, listening to Him, following Him, and becoming like Him. Faith is built, not manufactured. Jesus compares it to building a house. Read Luke 6:46-49. We all understand the building process; one step at a time. We begin with an initial step, maybe we choose the building site. Once we pour the foundation (we will talk more about that later), we don’t automatically start the drywall and roofing. We know it doesn’t work that way, yet we often think our faith does. Think about your own faith. What are some steps that have strengthened and grown your faith? Describe what a “life of step-by-step building faith” might look like. What specifically would that look like for you today? 


Day 2Read Luke 6:46-49 again. Notice Jesus said the first builder laid the foundation on rock, but he also emphasizes that the builder did so by “digging down deep.” Building our faith in the person of Jesus is building our life on His character and His unconditional love for us. If we don’t “dig down deep,” we might inadvertently mix some sand into our foundation which will result in a faith that will prove disappointing and lacking. Maybe we mix in our own effort or outcomes. Maybe we mix in some bad theology or cultural beliefs. Jesus tells us that He (and the ways of His Kingdom) is the foundation to build on. My worthiness to be loved is not the foundation. My effort to be good, or right, or pure is not the foundation. Success and life going great is not the foundation. What has perhaps slipped in to your foundation of faith? Consider the following statements: “I believe God is good when…”, “I trust that God is on my side when..”, “I believe Jesus loves me when..”  


Day 3: Recently in my small group, we were discussing what trusting God looks like. Someone shared what they called “NATO” – “not attached to outcome”. Our faith is built on the foundation of the person and character of Jesus when we are learning, day-by-day, minute-by-minute, step-by-step, to trust in the goodness and love of Jesus regardless of what is happening in our lives, what will happen, could happen, or doesn’t happen. This weekend we looked at a story where David faced despair (1 Sam 30:1-4). The immediate outcome was horrific. Yet while working through the reality of the situation and his grief, he remembered his God. He re-centered on the reality of the love, mercy, and goodness of his God. Not being attached to outcomes doesn’t mean we don’t care about what happens. It simply means that no matter what the outcome - good, bad, or indifferent - it doesn’t affect the character of God. “Faith is looking at the darkest, blackest fact in the face without it damaging God’s character.” Oswald Chambers 


Day 4: Read John 10:1-10 Jesus says that He has come to give us life; full, abundant, true life. What does “life to the full” look like? What does a life of faith look like? Jesus seems to connect the two. Our faith is built, stretched, and grown, as we live out the teachings of Jesus. As we, at a heart level, are becoming like Him. “Those who come to me, hear my words, and put them into practice.” What are we putting in to practice? What did Jesus teach? What did He talk about most? What did He seem to care about? How familiar are you personally with the teachings of Jesus? Reflect on and pray this statement. Jesus, show me what you care about today. Prepare me. Help me to recognize your voice as I go about my day.  


Day 5: Consider taking a step today into discovering more about the life and teachings of Jesus. Here are two options: Go back to Luke 6:46-49 or start with Matthew chapter 5 and work your way through chapter 7 in the coming weeks. Before you begin, ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you keeping your heart and mind open to what Jesus is saying. Remember Jesus always speaks to us at a heart level. If we simply seek a “rule to follow” we have missed the point. What is God teaching or showing me as I read? Why would Jesus want this for me? He continually invites us to ask questions about the kind of heart he is describing. Is it a heart to seek after or to avoid? What behaviors lead to a new kind of heart? Do you sense any hesitation or resistance in yourself? It is this journey Jesus is inviting us on to build our faith. 

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