Week of December 16th - Small Group Questions

CURRENT SERIES: A Matter of the Heart   

SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: Four Spiritual Heart Conditions   

PRIMARY TEXT: Matthew 13:1-17, 18-23 

Leader Notes:

  1. These will be the last discussion questions for the semester until we resume in January.

  2. Consider all of these questions, then choose the ones that most pertain to your group. Also, interject your own questions. Allow the questions to be a launching point for your group. These questions are not intended to all be completed in one group meeting.   

This Week’s Questions:

Here are some topics we’ve covered in this series, A Matter of the Heart. Are there 1-2 thoughts or ideas that you’ve taken from this series? Share with your group.

  • Guard Your Heart – Proverbs 4:23  

  • New Identity – As Jacob wrestled with God, he received a new name and new identity.  

  • Heart Rhythms – What rhythms currently exist in my life that grow my faith?  

  • Search Your Heart – Is there any duplicity in my life? Am I same person in different settings?  

Has there been a warning, a reminder, or some encouragement He has given to you during these past several weeks?  

Read Matthew 13:1-17. Discuss the meaning of this parable. What do each symbolize? Farmer, seed and the different soils.  

Read Matthew 13:18-23. What reason does Jesus give for speaking in parables? How does his explanation correlate with the actual message of this parable?  

Consider the analogy Jesus used. What made it an effective teaching tool?  

Of these three heart conditions – hard heart, shallow heart and an anxious heart – what are some visible warning signs?  

How can this parable help anyone who reads it?  

What do you learn about Jesus through this parable?  

Which condition most closely resembles yours this week?