Discussing Sunday's Message

Hello Small Group Leader,

Every Sunday, we hear a message that is filled with life-giving truth and calls us to apply it to our lives. The Spirit is at work as we hear and apply this message. To facilitate this process, it is powerful for people to discuss the message together.

That said, this post is designed to help you as a leader to come up with small group discussion questions based on last Sunday’s message. Here are some guidelines to come up with great questions.

  1. Consider an ice-breaker question or two. This is more than a transition into the deeper conversation. These kinds of questions allow us to get to know one another.

  2. Read through the passages that were discussed in the sermon. Have the group read through the passages together.

  3. Discuss the main point of the message.

  4. What did we learn about God - his character, his desires from the message?

  5. How did the message stir you personally? Consider the impact of the message on your life and share that with the group. Brainstorm questions based off your own understanding.

  6. Here are three powerful questions that can be applicable all the time. What did you discover, learn or reminded of from the service last Sunday? What are you going to do about it? As a small group, how can we help you with that?

  7. Come up with question topics or groups. For instance, you may have 2-3 questions that may focus on a specific conversation. If the conversation is going well, go through all three questions. If not, move to a different topic.

  8. Hold the questions loosely. Remember the goal. We are to help everyone discuss truth that impacted us and apply it to our lives. Don’t worry about going through all the questions. Some great questions will not be discussed in group because the conversation went a different direction.

  9. Beg the Holy Spirit. Ask for wisdom and direction from the Holy Spirit. Remember James 1…if we lack wisdom, we should ask for it. A posture of dependence on the Holy Spirit is always the right posture.

By praying and preparing thoughtful questions for your group, you will see God not only work in your discussion but you will see him working in you. As leaders, we know that we have an amazing vantage point because as we lead, we are being changed too.