Week of October 22nd - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Broken People – Faithful God: Journey Through Judges

This Sunday: Repeated Rescue   

Primary Text: Judges 2 & 3    

  • During your adolescence when you made a mistake (came home after curfew, put a dent in the car, or got caught in a lie, etc), how did your parents’ respond? Were there quick and severe consequences, mercy, or was there any reaction at all?
  • Read Judges 2:18-21, 3:7-11, 12-15. These are examples of repeated rescue. What do you think keeps God coming back to rescue the Israelites?  
  • Where in the Gospels do you see examples of mercy before repentance?
  • Can you think of a time in your past where you needed repeated rescue? Or is there a current need that comes to mind?
  • Read II Corinthians 7:10 and put this verse in your own words. Where have you seen examples of each kind of sorrow?  
  • Take time individually to consider godly sorrow in your own life. As you read and discuss these questions, is God bringing an issue into your mind. Individually, write out II Cor. 7:10 and consider the temptations that leading you from being faithful to God. Journal your thoughts and prayer.
  • What is one next step you will commit to take this week?