Week of November 19th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Broken People – Faithful God: Journey Through Judges

This Sunday: Gideon – Spirit of Worship

Primary Text: Judges 6 & 7


  • Direct the group through this individual exercise. In a journal or on a single piece of paper, describe a current stressful or trying circumstance. In 2-3 minutes privately list your attitudes, emotions, and actions in the midst of this situation.
  • Read Judges 7:1-15. In reference to Gideon, Cory has described how Gideon stepped forward in faith “doing it afraid”. Where did you see Gideon stepping forth while afraid?
  • In Judges 7:13-15, Gideon hears a dream. In light of the situation and what God was leading Gideon towards, how would you describe Gideon’s faith at this time?
  • Read Judges 7:15-16. What were Gideon’s two responses after hearing this dream?
  • Individual Exercise: Going back to your own recent life situation, consider how God sees this situation. How might He want you to think, act and feel. What Scriptures does God bring to your mind? Write down how you think God wants you to view this situation. 
  • Individual Exercise: Take some time to privately worship God for what He has revealed to you, confess any pride or other sin, and pray by faith for His leading.  
  • Briefly share one learning from this exercise with the group. 
  • We all experience trials. Who in your life is experiencing a trial? Just share the name of the person and a one sentence summary of the circumstance.
  • Consider how can you encourage them in their faith to see beyond the circumstance. Be prayerful and cautious allowing the Spirit to lead you.   
  • What is one next step you will commit to take this week?