Week of November 26th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: The Gift of Thankfulness   

This Sunday Travis Bourbon  

Primary Text: I Thess. 5:18, Mark 10:17-22, John 4:1-42 


  • What part of the Thanksgiving meal are you most thankful for? Explain.  
  •  Go around the room. Share one conversation, situation or problem that you are facing this week.  
  • Read I Thessalonians 5:16-18. Why are Christ-followers given these commands?  
  • Have everyone write down 5-10 reasons why they could be thankful for their answer to the first question. Personally examine the reasons and share with the group one reason why you are thankful for this situation.  
  • Read Mark 10:17-22. This man seemed to have done everything. He may have even accumulated many blessings in life. However, sometimes the biggest blessings can come subtraction. What would you do if God called you to give away the thing you most valued to pursue Him? What, at times, do you hold too tightly?  
  • Read John 4:1-42. Where did this Samaritan woman seek to find her fulfillment when Jesus offers her living water?  
  • Did she end up taking Jesus' offer up for living water? How can you tell?  
  • Are you receiving Jesus' offer for living water? In groups of 2-3 share how you are accepting Jesus' living water in your life now.  
  • Close in these groups, praising and thanking Jesus.  
  • What is one next step you will commit to take this week?