Week of December 3rd - Small Group Questions

Current Series: And He shall Be Called   

This Sunday:  Mighty God   

Primary Text: Isaiah 9:1-7; Psalm 89:6-8, 9-14; Psalm 93; Psalm 95:1-7


  • On a cloud-covered night or in a windowless room, darkness can be thick. Have you recently walked in middle of complete darkness? Describe how you felt or the thoughts that went through your head as you stumbled towards your destination.
  • Have you experienced a physical injury walking in the darkness? Share your story.
  • Read Isaiah 9:1-5. Describe the darkness the nation of Israel was experiencing. Look back to Isaiah 1.  
  • What relational, emotional, work-related or health related darkness or trial have you been through or are currently in? In one sentence, share with the group.
  • Read Isaiah 9:6-7. What words describe this child to be born?
  • As we considered Jesus as a ‘Mighty God’ where do you see Jesus as a mighty God in Scripture?
  • Where have you seen it in your own life?
  • Take time to quietly consider how our Mighty God has been or is working in your own darkness. Again in 1-2 minutes, share with the group God’s might in your own trial.
  • Praise the Mighty God. Thank Him for His work. Boldly pray, having assurance of the character of our God, for burdens or situations in your life.