Week of December 24th - Family & Friend Discussion Questions

We finished the series, And He Shall Be Called, reflecting on Jesus as a Prince of Peace. These questions accompany the LSCC daily devotional. Discuss one or more of these questions around the dinner table or living room with family or friends.

  • Read Isaiah 9:6. Over the past four weeks, we’ve heard four names to describe God. What one truth or message that impacted you from this series? How is it changing a behavior or attitude in your life?
  • Read Philippians 4:6-7. Talk about peace described in these verses. When have you experienced this kind of peace?
  • Are you a peaceful person? When has it been difficult for you to have peace?
  • Read John 14:23-27. These are Jesus’ words shortly before His death. How does Jesus say that we will receive this peace?
  • From this passage in John, what would then keep us from having peace with God? Have you ever experienced the peace of God? Talk about each of your experiences of peace in your life.