Week of September 17th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: God In You: The Work & Wonder of the Holy Spirit

This Sunday: What impact does the Holy Spirit have?

Primary Text: John 14 – 17, Romans 8:26-27, I Peter 2:2, I Cor 2:9-13

  • In light of Sunday’s message and service, go around and share something of interest or a personal application.
  • Read John 14:26 & 15:26, John 16:8, John 16:12-15, Romans 8:26-27. Discuss the different roles of the Holy Spirit.
  • Share with the group a role the Holy Spirit has clearly played in your life?
  • What role(s) do you not see the evidence of the Holy Spirit at this time?
  • What behaviors prevent you from experiencing the Holy Spirit?
  • Do you view the Holy Spirit more as a prosecutor or an advocate?
  • As a group, take 10 minutes to quiet your mind, relax your body, and focus on listening to God. Pray for the Holy Spirit to speak and just listen. Share with the group your experience.
  • What is one next step you will commit to take this week?