Week of September 24th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: God In You: The Work & Wonder of the Holy Spirit

This Sunday: Keep in step with the Spirit  

Primary Text: Galatians 5:16-25, Ephesians 5:15-18, John 14-17

  • In light of Sunday’s message and service, go around and share something of interest or a personal application.
  • Read Galatians 5:16-18. Describe the life of a person who is being led by the Spirit.
  • Share with the group of a recent situation where you were led by the Spirit. How did He guide you in a conversation or a situation? Explain how it turned out.
  • Can you share a time in the last couple of days, when you were confident that you were not in step with the Spirit?
  • On Sunday nights, LSCC Students are going through a series on habits – good and bad habits. Consider teens in your life. Forming good habits will help them for the rest of their long lives. Share with the group, some good habits you see demonstrated in a teen’s life. Take time to pray individually and as a group for teens you know.  
  • Be mindful in the coming days of conversations you could have about the Holy Spirit in your life. If God prompts, ask a friend or a family member about their relationship with the Holy Spirit? As a group, pray for those potential conversations and for our attitude to listen and surrender to the Spirit. 
  • For a follower of Jesus, the question is not, ‘Do I have the Spirit?’, but ‘Does the Spirit have me?’ Share some habits in your life that provides evidence that the Spirit has you.
  • Are these habits strong in your life? Who in your life knows about your habits and asks you about them?
  • From the conversation in this group, what is one next step you will commit to take this week?