Week of October 7th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Perfect Peace for a Perfect Storm  

This Sunday: Start With Praise

Primary Text: Philippians 4:4-9; 10-13, Genesis 15:1-6, II Chronicles 20:1-12

  • Discuss these statements. Fear sees a threat; anxiety imagines one.

  • Read II Chronicles 20:1-12. The king of Israel, Jehoshaphat, is in trouble. Discuss as a group the situation Israel finds itself in.

  • What was Jehoshaphat’s response? He saw the reality in front of him, but what else did he see?

  • At this point (verse 12), there is no response from the Lord. No promise given. Often times, we don’t receive a clear promise of a specific outcome.

  • Read Romans 8:28-29 and Philippians 4:4-9. Sometimes this is God’s response in the midst of our storm. When the storm rages in, what do these and other scriptures offer you?

  • When we see a storm in someone else’s life, faith can be easier to have. Who is someone in your life who is in the middle of a storm? Are there any ways in which you can support them? Be careful not to convince them but support and love them. Maybe they need to lean on your faith for a time and your presence (because of Christ in you) provides peace.

  • Take some extended time to pray for those in a storm. Is there a practical way your group can support someone going through a significant trial?