Week of October 14th - Small Group Questions


PRIMARY TEXT: I Timothy 6:17

  • When growing up, remember when you sat in a friend’s car, visited their house, saw their bike or new dress? We are perfectly content with what we have until we see what someone else has. Share a childhood story when you discovered that your friend had something really awesome.

  • Who is someone in your life who has modeled generosity?

  • Read I Timothy 6:17. What are the two warnings given in this verse? In society, where do you see rich treated better? The poor worse?

  • It is easy to trust in the gift over the giver. In small groups of 3-4 people, share with each other. If you find yourself not trusting in God, where are you tempted to put your trust?

  • In these smaller groups, each share 2-3 possessions that you are most thankful for. Describe to this group why you are so appreciative.  

  • Take 5-10 minutes to pray in smaller groups thanking God for the gifts He has given.

  • This series is about generosity. What attitudes stand in your way of being generous?

  • What area in your life or in a specific relationship can you be generous this week? If you get stuck, as a group brainstorm ways to be generous.