Week of November 4th - Small Group Questions

CURRENT SERIES: How to Be Rich   

PRIMARY TEXT: I Timothy 6:18

  • On Sunday Cory explained the view of generosity in the culture when Jesus lived. Summarize how the people in Jesus’s day viewed generosity.

  • How would you describe generosity in today’s American culture?

  • Read Acts 2:41-47. Christians created a movement that was characterized by generosity and love. How is the Church doing today? Discuss how the Church (in US and worldwide) is doing at expressing generosity.

  • How would you say LSCC is doing?

  • How about you? As a part of LSCC and “the Church”, how do you play a part in “being” rich?

  • Last week the devotional provided an exercise called the Heart Exam. Does anyone have any insights or thoughts as you worked through this tool?

  • We concluded this series on Sunday. What one truth, scripture, principle or phrase that impacted you and that you hope to incorporate in your life as a result? Go around the room allowing each person to share.