Week of February 25th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Psalm 23  

This Sunday: He Guides Me Through

Primary Text: Psalm 23:4

  • As a group, share a main point from the Sunday message.
  • Consider the messages in this Psalm series. Is there a phrase that has helped or is helping you? Share with the group. Here are a few: My Shepherd; even though I have wants, I will not be in want; in the midst of fear, friction, flies, famine, I overcome by being in the presence of the shepherd.
  • Read Psalm 23:1-4. What shift happens in verse 4? What verb does David use?
  • Consider an obstacle, a valley, a challenge in your life. What is one way you are walking through it? Go around the room and briefly share.
  • Sometimes in the darkest valleys, it is difficult to see light. Again in the midst of a valley in your life, where can you find hope?
  • What do you think Jesus is teaching you through this valley?
  • Consider a friend or family member who is in a valley. As a group, pray he/she may be refreshed with hope by the shepherd.
  • Is there a step you commit to take as you follow Jesus this week?