Week of February 18th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Psalm 23  

This Sunday:  He Leads Me         

Primary Text: Psalm 23:2

  • As a group, share a main point from the Sunday message.
  • Describe your place of green pastures or quiet waters. Where is a place, or an environment, you often hear from God? Briefly share how God meets you in this place.
  • How can you support your group members, your friends or your family to go to their place of rest?
  • Cory shared four realities that keep us from experiencing the green pastures and quiet waters. Can you name them? (Fear, Friction, Flies, Famine) Which one has kept you from Him recently or currently?
  • Read Day 4 of the daily devotional together. Go around the room and answer the two questions posed? Half the group answer the first question. The other half answer the second one. Click here to see the devotional. www.lscckc.org/devotional 
  • Share with the group a thought or step you commit to take as you follow Jesus this week.