Week of February 11th - Small Group Questions

Current Series: Psalm 23  

This Sunday:  My Shepherd          

Primary Text: Psalm 23, II Cor 11:23-27; Phil 4:11-13  

  • Share a point or personal application from the Sunday message.
  • What keeps people (choose the demographic – teens, empty nesters, retirees, young families, suburbanites, church-goers) from trusting in the Shepherd?
  • Describe the situations in life when trusting in Jesus is difficult.
  • Share with the group a time when you trusted Jesus. What were you going through? Did He teach you something through it?
  • Read II Corinthians 11:23-27 and Philippians 4:11-13. How does reading the passage in II Corinthians affect your understanding of the verses Paul writes in Philippians?
  • In the devotional this week, we are invited to fast. Have you fasted? What did you learn through that spiritual practice? 
  • In groups of 2-4, when in your life, truth be told, that you felt like the Lord was not enough?
  • How did God show Himself to you during that time?
  • Is there a current circumstance you are not trusting in Jesus? Explain.